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Asia, Australia, and New Zealand done, but our travel spirit is still not gone
We will come back home in June this year, so now we are moving into second gear
US and South America we will discover, we will also try to everything on the blog cover
On the map you can see where we are, whether it is by foot, by boat, or by car
Follow us on our blog right here, comment and support us through both joy and fear!

United Kingdom » WE MADE IT !!!!

2012-06-24 ( Sunday ) 21:44:47 GMT+1


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Poland » From Magda: Welcome BACK to EUROPE!!

2012-06-22 ( Friday ) 16:36:09 GMT+1

Guys! Now you are in the place where it has all been started... it's so good to know you are back in Europe! Not home yet but still not so far away... I couldn't manage to meet you up and celebrate the end in a "London way"... so I'm sending You photo tips what should be "ckecked" on your list while hanging around next two days ...

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United States » New York City !!!

2012-06-22 ( Friday ) 15:42:50 GMT+1

New York City - the capital of the world, they say! To start with, Jessie's friend from Warsaw - Ania - waited for us in NYC! It was a big meeting after so many months - the first person from back home since we left :) After a quick shower and change before Ania's check out (still using every opportuiny :) ), and a lunch at ...

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Canada » Toronto

2012-06-20 ( Wednesday ) 07:19:04 GMT+1

We spent 3 days in Toronto, at Tanyas' - a friends friend ;) We met in Sweden right before we left and she has been following us from the beginning on our blog, and we finally made it to Canada! :) We walked all over the city... from the little Italy, to the Dundas square, to the food market, through the islands just outside downtown (beautiful ...

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United States » Buffalo wings & The Niagara falls

2012-06-17 ( Sunday ) 02:12:57 GMT+1

After the wonderful weekend in Boston we arrived to Buffalo, a little city close to the Canadian border, from where we wanted to go and see the famous Niagara falls!!! Andy - our host - picked us up at the airport, we dropped our stuff at his place, and we were ready to go! We started with some fast sight seeing and then we went for ...

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United States » Boston

2012-06-14 ( Thursday ) 07:22:12 GMT+1

The actual reason we went to Boston was Jessie's old friend from Uni - Ania. She now lives in Boston and we stayed with her and her boyfriend Argenis for 3 days! It was a weekend that we had planned a long time ago and finally, the little reunion took place :) Boston is a very nice city, and we got not only the opportunity to ...

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United States » Washington DC

2012-06-11 ( Monday ) 06:46:45 GMT+1

Staying in one place for 9 days was exactly what we needed, and it was perfect! But it was time to move on! :) The tempo is back and we are back...on track again! Two days in Washington DC!! It was two very intense days, with a LOT of walking :) It is a great city, where you can actually walk around to all the high ...

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United States » South beach Miami!

2012-06-07 ( Thursday ) 00:14:45 GMT+1

As a "big boom bang" ending of our stay in Miami.... we spent the whole day where? On SOUTH BEACH of course - thats a must! A beautiful beach that goes on for miles and miles and miles... clear water, white sand (partly from Bahamas apparantly),girls in bikinis and men with their very dark sunglases :) Good food and big drinks served on every corner, nice ...

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United States » Chillin in Miami :)

2012-06-05 ( Tuesday ) 06:36:51 GMT+1

The last couples of days, we've been eating good, drinking good, sleepig good, and enjoying... It was exactly what we needed.. R E L A X I N G! :) Let the pictures confirm and tell the story about our wonderful time here in Miami ! :) ...

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United States » Miami

2012-06-01 ( Friday ) 04:19:39 GMT+1

US is the last stop before we finish our loop around the world, and we started it with a boom – in MIAMI! : ) In exactly 3 weeks, we are returning back to London, where we first met and started our journey… almost a year ago! : ) But, before that, we still have some things to do and a lot of things to see! ...

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Peru » LIMA

2012-05-29 ( Tuesday ) 04:07:21 GMT+1

We closed the loop in South America, by arriving to Lima! It was another loooong drive (17 hours)... but we made it... and we are happy that the long bus rides are over! What was supposed to be two days of waiting for the flight to US, became a wonderful time with delicious food and some sightseeing :) :) Noelia, our contact in Lima, was keeping ...

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Peru » Arequipa

2012-05-27 ( Sunday ) 04:46:17 GMT+1

We crossed the border, and felt like „home” almost : ) : ) Peru was a country we already knew, a place where we knew what to expect, what to eat, and how to make our way : ) After running through new places every day for the last couple of months, it felt good to return to something familiar : ) The culture wasn’t new ...

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Chile » Valparaiso - Iquique - Arica

2012-05-24 ( Thursday ) 15:55:21 GMT+1

From Santiago, we were rushing through the country, up to Peru, since we are slowly running out of time... BUT, we still managed to see some cool places on the way... and that was Valparaiso, Iquique (via Antofagasta), and Arica. 3 smaller cities, all very beautiful and with its own climate! Moreover, the 3 cities were all on the coast, and we both love the sea! ...

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Chile » Santiago de Chile

2012-05-22 ( Tuesday ) 19:37:24 GMT+1

After an awesome ending in Mendoza, we were ready to enter the next country - CHILE! People recommended us to take the bus to Santiago during the day, since the views are unbelievable... So we crossed the Andes from Argentina to Chile and it was a great ride! Beautiful! We met Matias and Michelle - our hosts in Santiago - and went out to try the ...

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Argentina » Mendoza

2012-05-16 ( Wednesday ) 17:39:04 GMT+1

It was hard to say goodbye to Buenos Aires, but once on the bus, we slept like babies the whole night whilst the bus was taking us to Mendoza. We checked in to a hostel in the morning, and went on a trip the same day – there was no time to lose : ) Since Mendoza is famous due to their wines (the 8th capitol ...

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Uruguay » Colonia del Sacramento

2012-05-13 ( Sunday ) 19:14:33 GMT+1

When we were in Buenos Aires , we used the opportunity to go to Uruguay for one day. It is only one hour by ferry, and therefore a very popular destination from Buenos Aires. We hired bikes to see as much as possible and it was a great decision! We manage to see the whole city and the old town. Of course we only saw a ...

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Argentina » Buenos Aires

2012-05-13 ( Sunday ) 18:36:37 GMT+1

We arrived in Buenos Aires in the morning, together with Ina that new the city already. And we had a long first day... we started off in the harbour with breakfast, left our luggage at a friends friend :) and walked around in Palermo, a very beautiful area of Buenos Aires. We had a local beer for lunch, and a local pizza for dinner :) Between ...

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Argentina » The Iguazu Falls

2012-05-13 ( Sunday ) 01:37:51 GMT+1

After our last wonderful day in Bolivia, it was time to move on... We are litterly running through this continent. It is very tiring, but great fun! We were planning around 10 days in each country, and we are doing pretty good. It´s amazing how much you actually can see of a country in 10 days. On the other hand, we get just a "pre taste" ...

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Bolivia » Potosi, Tarija, and a Special Mission!

2012-05-09 ( Wednesday ) 06:13:29 GMT+1

Since our way was blocked due to some demonstrations to Tupiza, we had to go another way to Tarija - via Potosi. It was NOT on our way, but we were really happy in the end, that we went through that city, because it was a beautiful place! One of the first things we noticed was the people... so we focused on them; we also saw ...

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Bolivia » Uyuni

2012-05-07 ( Monday ) 14:07:19 GMT+1

After a veeeery looooong and BUMPY ride from La Paz, we finally arrived in Uyuni, from where we started our next adventure - 3 days in the desert of Bolivia! We were a group of six, in one 4wd! Kristina, Emil, and Daniel from Denmark, Remi from Italy, and us two. And of course, our driver Ruben! :) Our trip started with the main attraction, which ...

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Bolivia » La Paz & Death Road

2012-05-06 ( Sunday ) 02:29:50 GMT+1

We came to La Paz with one mission - the Death Road! It is a tourist attraction which gives you the opportunity to try extreme off road mountain biking. And of course, that sounded attractive to us! :) Today it is an attracion for "gringos" (white ppl), but it was once the only way from La Paz to the mountains, for transport. It is a very ...

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Peru » Lake Titicaca - Peru and Bolivia

2012-04-28 ( Saturday ) 21:32:48 GMT+1

Exhausted after the Inca Jungle, but still curious about more places, we jumper on a Wight bus to Puno, a city next to Lake Titicaca! We stopped there, to visit the famous floating islands, before we jumped on the next bus to cross the border to Bolivia. Even though we are convinced the floating islands the tourists visit are fake, there are still families living on ...

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Peru » Machu Picchu

2012-04-26 ( Thursday ) 18:05:54 GMT+1

We will try to keep it short, but it will be hard! 4 days and 3 nights with so many cool things, and so much going on! We left Cusco at 6 am, and after some driving we reached the point where we jumped from a warm and comfy mini-van, to freezing cold mountain bikes : ) It shouldn’t have been a surprise actually, since we ...

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Peru » Ica

2012-04-23 ( Monday ) 21:50:25 GMT+1

After a 24 hour long journey from the US, we finally arrived in Latin America. It was very late and we went directly to Lucho’s house – a couchsurfer in Lima, Peru – where we met some locals (both Peruvian and International :) ). Our first day in Lima, we explored Miraflores , a popular district in the city. We had our first Spanish lesson with ...

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United States » Yosemite National Park

2012-04-13 ( Friday ) 21:29:11 GMT+1

After the last exhausting, 20 min (?!), walk in Death Valley (so damn dry and hot), we decided to head towards our last destination of this loop - Yosemite National Park! It was definitely an awesome last stop - a very good decision! Again, it was worth listening to the locals!! Dan, from whom we had the car, helped us planning our route, and he knew ...

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United States » Death Valley

2012-04-13 ( Friday ) 09:24:36 GMT+1

We stayed for another couple of days in Vegas... gambled a bit, got sick, etc... but "what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas" :) One thing we wanna share though, is our "Easter moment". Jessie's godmother, Eliza, was determined to keep the tradition of giving the kids their "easter-eggs" - always packed with candy! This year, we were all away, so she transfered a symbolic amount ...

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United States » Hoover dam & Grand Canyon

2012-04-03 ( Tuesday ) 12:49:44 GMT+1

There are no words to describe some things... ...this is one of them!!! You just have to SEE this...have a look!! Or two! Or three! ...

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United States » Las Vegas, baby!

2012-04-02 ( Monday ) 01:06:12 GMT+1

We've had a trekking lesson in Nepal, a cooking class in Thailand, a surf lesson in Australia... and it was now time to get a Black Jack lesson in Las Vegas!!! :) Yupp, the lesson done, the money lost - everything is fine! :) But what we also discovered and learned was the game Craps, which we have not seen in the European casinos .. a ...

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United States » Napa Valley, Sacramento, Tahoe, Reno !

2012-03-29 ( Thursday ) 19:15:25 GMT+1

DAN - he did not only show us San Francisco, and everything around; he did not only let us stay at his place and took care of us... ...he also gave us his old Jeep Cherokee for two weeks !!! Our new little home on wheels. With this opportunity we are now doing a loop in California and Nevada. We have been to Napa Valley, the ...

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Poland » Magda is BACK in town

2012-03-29 ( Thursday ) 17:14:44 GMT+1

“Ladies and gentlemen- welcome to Warsaw, we hope you have had a nice flight with Wizzair Airlines...”- those words made me realize it was really happening! On 25th of March I landed in Warsaw! The first thing I heard at the very beginning was a guy swearing in a bus, than a lady in an exchange point shoot me with a devil eye when I said ...

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United States » San Francisco

2012-03-25 ( Sunday ) 23:19:39 GMT+1

San Francisco....oh San Francisco... what a place! Dan took us for a long, wonderful sightseeing day! We were very lucky, since the weather here has not been spoiling us (it is raining all the time), but that day we got SUN and a clear sky! So, we started with an American breakfast at Jimmy's, in San Jose - biiiig proper breakfast! Now we were ready to ...

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United States » San Jose & Santa Cruz

2012-03-25 ( Sunday ) 19:17:17 GMT+1

We survived our first journey with Greyhound :) And arrived in San Jose (next to San Francisco). The reason why we got of in San Jose was that Jessie had an old friend from eBay there - DAN ! It was a little reunion after a couple of years, and we had THE best time ever!! :) We started with a big Mexican meal, which is ...

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Australia » Magda and her another visit to Melbourne

2012-03-24 ( Saturday ) 11:40:31 GMT+1

Trust me...saying “goodbye” is not an easy thing to do when you've been spending 24/7 with two people for a couple of weeks or even months... Jessica and Andrzej continue on travelling, they are now checking what “the American dream” really means- if there is anything like that ; P- and I got back to Australia. Unfortunately Australia is in fact my last stop before going ...

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United States » Los Angeles

2012-03-22 ( Thursday ) 07:54:34 GMT+1

So it was time for the next level of our trip - USA! Imagine that we left on the 15th of March, at 14.00 and flew for 13 hours and arrived on the 15th of March, at 06.00 in the morning! Is that possible? Yupp, 21 hours difference and we actually gained a day, and had breakfast 3 times that day HAHA : ) When we ...

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New Zealand » North Island

2012-03-14 ( Wednesday ) 09:38:45 GMT+1

We waved Magda off, and started the research about the North Island of New Zealand. After getting wet a couple of nights in a raw on the south island, it was time to be honest with ourselves and give up the idea with the little tent – the weather wasn’t good enough (not the tent : ) )! We were decided for a car with the ...

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New Zealand » See you later Magda!

2012-03-03 ( Saturday ) 02:09:23 GMT+1

Our Golden Trio is no longer the same from the very moment when Magda jumped on the plain All three of us was fulfilling an important part and from now on, we are travelling apart… It has been a lot of fun to travel through the world, following the sun India was the beginning and our start the place where we had to learn to be ...

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New Zealand » South Island - done!

2012-03-03 ( Saturday ) 00:48:41 GMT+1

We enjoyed, we loved it, we had to leave it…but we will never forg et it! A wonderful island, where we finished as a Golden Trio! We managed to stick to our initial plan that we had when we left Europe. Mission completed! Magda even managed to go further than planned, and joined us here on the south island! The second part of the island was ...

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New Zealand » South Island – half way through!

2012-02-23 ( Thursday ) 20:08:45 GMT+1

We started our stay in New Zealand with a warning from the Kiwis (New Zealanders) on the airport, for “dirty shoes”. Soil on anything is strictly forbidden… and we had our tracking shoes from Australia…not in their best condition maybe... And our poor little tent went through the hardest inspection ever! : ) Anyway, we slept at a backpackers place the first night, in Wellington, to ...

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Australia » East Coast

2012-02-17 ( Friday ) 02:30:36 GMT+1

We’ve done the West side of Australia, and the South part (from Perth to Melbourne, and Tasmania), so a part of the East Coast seemed nice as an ending of our Tyree months here. It Is a huge country, that’s for sure! But we’ve managed to see quite a bit! Starting our east coast adventure, we spent one night in Brisbane and picked up a very ...

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Poland » Hip hip HURRA HURRA HURRA!

2012-02-14 ( Tuesday ) 00:31:05 GMT+1

MACIEK( Andrews brother and our manager of the blog :) ) and ANIA became PARENTS yesterday!!!! :) :) :) :) :) During our trip,we have been virtually following Maciek's and Ania's pregnancy. Asking a lot of questions, watching photos, asking Ania to stand up every time while talking on skype, to show the belly, thinking about them! From the very beginning of the pregnancy, we had ...

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Australia » Tasmania - part 3

2012-02-02 ( Thursday ) 03:45:58 GMT+1

We then went to Lanceston, the second 'big' town on Tasmania. On the way, we stopped at a chocolate factory, a cheese factory, and a raspberry farm! Mmmm...!! In Lanceston, we did some walking again, at the Gorge Reserve, which was a nice track in the middle of the city but yet so close to the nature! We discovered a lake and decided to have a ...

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Australia » Tasmania part 2

2012-02-02 ( Thursday ) 03:03:26 GMT+1

Straight from Hobart we went to the Salmon Ponds, which is a "trout fish farm" and than to the first on the way national park- Mount Field National Park- where we did a forest walk/track to see some waterfalls and the famous tall trees. A hundred meters tall tree is actually quite impressive! We camped at the Lake Binnery, did some fishing (Andrew got a fishing ...

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Australia » Tasmania part 1

2012-02-02 ( Thursday ) 02:09:57 GMT+1

Okay, be prepared for a loooong post this time, because we spent 8 days on Tasmania and it was absolutely amazing!!! the tent we got (back in Perth) passed its first real test with an A++++!!! Since our budget thinking was fully activated again, we decided to give it a go. The cheapest option ended up with hiring a very old car (Lanos). But as we ...

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Australia » Food Market, Kangaroos and “See you later” Melbourne!

2012-02-01 ( Wednesday ) 07:23:18 GMT+1

During our stay, we also had the opportunity to experience a food market in central Melbourne - the so called Victoria Market. It is a market during the day, like any other, with fruits etc, but once a week it is open late and you can find different varieties of food from all corners of the world. See, we are “struggling around the world” to try ...

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Australia » Yarra Valley

2012-02-01 ( Wednesday ) 07:12:21 GMT+1

While the boys were out fishing the second time, Magda and Jessie had a wonderful day at Yarra Valley wine yards. Nicole and Daniel picked us up after we’ve been doing some ‘charity walking/biking’, and after about an hour drive, we had lunch and some wine tasting together. Beautiful! Delicious! Wonderful! : ) : ) : ) Michelle in Adelaide and Nicole in Melbourne are sisters ...

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Australia » Australian Open

2012-01-27 ( Friday ) 03:42:19 GMT+1

Another break was an afternon at the Australian Open! It was nice to see how it looks like in real life. Something that a lot of us is following on TV back in Europe! A lot of people, and a lot of tenis play. We walked from one match to another and we were keeping our fingers crossed for different players! Our tickets didn't include the ...

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Australia » Time for a big fish

2012-01-27 ( Friday ) 03:26:41 GMT+1

We have been in Melbourne for a pretty long time- doing some " volunteering work".- namely, walking for about 4h a day, putting plastic charity bags in peoples mail boxes.Then this people are giving away old clothes and material and some of the money goes to charity. Many thanks to Tamara and Melbourne Textile Recycling for giving us such an opportunity! We did that almost every ...

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Australia » A wonderful weekend in Melbourne

2012-01-11 ( Wednesday ) 04:37:20 GMT+1

At the moment, we are spending some time in Melbourne ( living with some family friends, helping some other family friends : ) : ) But more about that in another post in the future : ) ). Marcin, a family friend of Andrew, lives here in Melbourne and together with his wife Emilie, they are taking care of us, or rather spoiling us : ) ...

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Australia » Great Ocean Road

2011-12-30 ( Friday ) 12:15:40 GMT+1

Golden Trio back on the road again! :) We went for a small trip after Xmas and ended up on the famous Great Ocean Road, next to the southern coast not far away from Melbourne. A beautiful road trip that took us 4 days and 3 interesting nights with our new little home, namely the tent we got from Perth :) It was worth to carry ...

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Australia » Merry Xmas

2011-12-24 ( Saturday ) 19:43:31 GMT+1

We wish you all a wonderful Xmas, especially together with your families - since that is what we miss the most! Życzymy Wam wszystkim cudownych Świąt, przede wszystkim razem z rodzinkami - ponieważ tego nam brakuje najbardziej! Vi önskar Er alla en underbar Jul, speciellt ihop med era familjer - eftersom det är det vi saknar mest! Below are a couple of pics of how we ...

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Australia » Adelaide

2011-12-24 ( Saturday ) 04:34:10 GMT+1

It was a short but very nice stay in Adelaide... since we had a lift with George to that city :) and we werre on our way to get to Magda for Xmas. Also, Jessies cousin Michelle lives in Adelaide and we had the opportunity to visit her and catch up (7 years since we saw each other last time!! ) Michelle & Steve - Thanks ...

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Australia » Nullarbor Road from Perth to Adelaide

2011-12-22 ( Thursday ) 02:20:48 GMT+1

It is time for the Golden Trio to get back together again!! The goal is to be together for Xmas! So we (Andrew and Jessie) had to figure out a way to get to Melbourne - only 3000km approximately : ) Since we didnt really know when we would go, we couldnt by the tickets while they were still cheap... and most of the Aussie people ...

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Australia » Goodbye Perth

2011-12-22 ( Thursday ) 01:14:30 GMT+1

We have been in Australia about a month... ...after Monkey Mia, we spent most of this time in Perth and Fremantle! And it has been a lovely time... after getting used to the prices, we enjoyed Western Australia (WA) very much!! We even liked it so much, that its sad to leave... :( Well, that is the hard part with travelling... you visit so many nice ...

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Australia » Another day of volunteering

2011-12-21 ( Wednesday ) 00:10:50 GMT+1

As you aldready know, during our stay in Perth, we did some volunteering for the ISAF Sailing World Championships. We had pictures from the opening ceremony in a previous post... Andrzej worked in a boat park, and Jessie in the meet and greet team, in an Athlete village. We also helped out in another boat park, and we have now gathered some pics from a day ...

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Australia » Rottnest Island

2011-12-19 ( Monday ) 02:57:57 GMT+1

At first, we wanted to skip Rottnest Island, just outside Perth, but the locals convinced us – “Margret River and Rottnest Island is something you HAVE to see” : ) The Tuesday offer on ‘My Rotto’ made our decision! With half price of the ferry tickets and borrowed bikes from Shirley, we were definitely going! The night before, it was raining like never before.. but we ...

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Australia » Polish Dancing & Happy B-day Michal Zdanowicz :)

2011-12-13 ( Tuesday ) 16:23:30 GMT+1

Michal Zdanowicz – the guy we met In Perth when we first arrived here (and turned out to be the childhood neighbours son of Jessie’s mothers and aunts) – invited us to the Polish Club, for a show where groups were dancing all the Polish national dances. He was one of the dancers (in these traditional costums!), and it was a little birthday celebration as well! ...

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Australia » Margaret River

2011-12-13 ( Tuesday ) 14:01:17 GMT+1

An awesome weekend ! That is what we have had! : ) We decided to rent a car together with Malin and Jasmin – two Swedish girls, whom we met on the cocktail party we helped out with, for the Swedish athletes on the Sailing Event. We wanted to go somewhere for the weekend (our last weekend in Western Australia), which was a pretty spontaneous decision ...

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Australia » Perth & Fremantle :)

2011-12-02 ( Friday ) 17:45:29 GMT+1

So we came bake to Perth... now without Magda.... and it sucked! :( We left her at the airport and drove back to the city (sleeping in the car that night) and sat quite pretty much the whole evening... it was strange and empty... But on a journey like that, things change all the time, and we have to adjust to it to survive, so we ...

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Australia » Phillip Island> Magda and her koala dream

2011-11-25 ( Friday ) 08:51:41 GMT+1

The Golden Trio has been split up for a while but we are still doing our plan, namely discovering new places and enjoying our time on temporarily different coasts of Australia. Andrzej and Jess are still in Perth waiting with excitement for the World Sailing Championship to officially begin. Before that they are participating in some workshops for volunteers in order to get an idea what ...

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Australia » From Perth to Monkey Mia

2011-11-20 ( Sunday ) 16:56:06 GMT+1

Wow... we are in Auzzie land! :) And it has been a crazy couple of days! We arrived in Perth, and got a bigger shock than we expected, caused by the prices over here! We were ready for a general shock after Asia, but this was just too much - our positive attitude and big smiles just disappeared ... we managed to book a hostel (after ...

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Singapore » The City of Lions

2011-11-14 ( Monday ) 18:56:27 GMT+1

We took another bus... this time to Singapore! We could tell how well organized this city/country is from the way the border-crossing looked like. Everything has sense, and is just easy :) in comparison to some borders we have crossed before :) We have been warned by everyone that Singapore is very expensive, so we ignored the advice to take a cab to our new host. ...

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Singapore » MOVEMBER - Mustache idea !

2011-11-14 ( Monday ) 03:18:39 GMT+1

While traveling and meeting so many new people, we get to know all kinds of interesting information. In Kuala Lumpur our second host - Daniel - introduced himself and appologised for his mustache which raised some questions from our side. November is the month where Cancer is highligted and there is this idea with man letting their mustache grow for the entire month. They are shaving ...

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Malaysia » Melaka

2011-11-09 ( Wednesday ) 19:16:15 GMT+1

We took the bus from KL and arrived in "Melaka Sentral", where we took the local bus to the centre - getting used to the local transports nowadays :) Jumped of at the Town square, with the nice little Clock Tower in the middle and started our hostel research as usual (when we do not have a host from couhsurfing) ! We went to Melaka together ...

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Malaysia » Kuala Lumpur

2011-11-07 ( Monday ) 17:37:49 GMT+1

From Langkawi, we took a ferry to the Island Penang, where we stayed for two days. We did not find it very attractive and went further on. The wonderful side of spontaneous backpacking – you do whatever you feel like whenever you want….! : ) And with that decision, it was time to say hello to the mainland again (after more than two weeks on islands)… ...

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Malaysia » Langkawi

2011-10-28 ( Friday ) 20:48:49 GMT+1

We jumped on another ferry – our main transport vehicle nowadays : ) – after being ‘checked out’ from Thailand in the ‘immigration office’ on the beach. It was hard to say goodbye to the wonderful views and the lovely water… and we decided to sit on the roof of the ferry to enjoy – a very windy but nice experience. 1,5 hour later, we arrived ...

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Thailand » Thailand - sum up!

2011-10-26 ( Wednesday ) 03:48:19 GMT+1

Apart from the beautiful sights, the lovely water, and the good weather, the thing we enjoyed the most was the food in this country. Therefore, we decided to make a short sum up from Thailand in terms of meals we managed to capture on a couple of pictures. We will not try to convince you that this was the only thing we ate, because it was ...

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Thailand » Koh Lipe (updated with more pics)

2011-10-26 ( Wednesday ) 03:16:37 GMT+1

You know these days when you have completely nothing planned and your main concern is whether to have a swim, or read a book for while and then take a swim? Maybe we should go and eat, and then shower or should we just grab some fruits now and have a delicious dinner later? Should I put sunscreen 50 or 30 on today? Yupp… we are ...

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Thailand » Koh Lanta

2011-10-20 ( Thursday ) 09:14:10 GMT+1

After sleeping next to the massive speakers on Phi Phi and leaving the party atmosphere, we took the 1,5h ferry to Koh Lanta. We didn’t really know what to expect. In result, we were astonished by the beach and the place where we stayed. We had a bungalow with a great view next to the beach. We could sit and relax in wooden houses and enjoy ...

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Thailand » South Thailand: Krabi & Phi Phi

2011-10-16 ( Sunday ) 16:07:43 GMT+1

After week in Bangkok, it was right time to move accordingly to our plan, namely to the south, and find some nice place to chill out for couple of days. We got a night bus to Trang. At first we had been a bit afraid what to expect after our experience with local connections in India, but this bus was incomparable… clean, comfortable and with proper ...

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Thailand » Bangkok - arrived, stayed and leaving..

2011-10-09 ( Sunday ) 11:20:28 GMT+1

The way from India to Thailand was another crazy experience... We woke up earlier since the experience from the days before learned us that it could be hard to catch a cab for the couple of kilometers we had to the airport. There was another festival going on and it was almost impossible to get a taxi, rikshaw or a room. We were walking around with ...

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India » A sum up : )

2011-10-07 ( Friday ) 21:07:24 GMT+1

Since the first part of our trip is over, meaning we have left India, we would like to do a sum up (from some different points of view) for those of you who are interested and maybe will go to India some day :) Some fast facts and information, some cultural aspects we experienced, what we enjoyed and what we would try to forget :) To ...

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India » Last week in India: Darjeeling

2011-10-04 ( Tuesday ) 10:53:56 GMT+1

Relieved to have a tourist bus with sleeping seats, we jumped into our last Nepali cab to the bus station! Nevertheless, the fact that we got a bus screaming for renovation and two other passengers hade the same lovely seats as us ( meaning in the very back where you cannot move it for a mm!! ) was not a big surprise. After some struggling we ...

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Nepal » Trekking in the Himalayan mountains

2011-09-26 ( Monday ) 22:33:30 GMT+1

7 days of trekking... ...actually it was supposed to be 5 days with one day on the bus there, and one day back. But to get to the place where our route started it occured that we had to start climbing/walking at day one! Lonely planet says it is only 117 km from Kathmandu to Syabru, which is actually possible... but here in Nepal, people do ...

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Nepal » Kathmandu

2011-09-20 ( Tuesday ) 01:42:01 GMT+1

Nepal is the perfect place to do some trekking so we have decided to go and say hello to the nature and the mountains. Since we are all amateurs in trekking, we have chosen a 5 days option that is said to be enough to go and see the Langtang region. In order to make it as safe as possible we are going with a local ...

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Nepal » Earth Quake - We are fine!

2011-09-19 ( Monday ) 07:22:13 GMT+1

It is about time to make a post and tell you that everything is fine. We did not want to panic earlier, and make you guys worry. We are following the news all over the world, and can tell that it has reached you as well, therefore: WE ARE DOING GOOD, NOTHING BAD HAPPENED TO US - EVERYTHING IS FINE! Except for shaking legs and a ...

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India » Agra / Varanasi

2011-09-16 ( Friday ) 17:25:42 GMT+1

Before we left Agra, our new friend Shalab showed us another school that they are running, Prelude Public School. We could tell that the kids has everything in this school, from yoga classrooms, to meditation rooms, computer classrooms, to swimming pools and horse riding tracks. The sweetest toilets for the smallest and cricket fields for the older. Several school buses parked outside, ready to pick up ...

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India » Agra

2011-09-14 ( Wednesday ) 07:33:08 GMT+1

Our visit in Agra is very nice so far! Yesterday, we met our new host, Shalab, who took us for a dinner to a fancy restaurant, showed us his home and garden, took us to his school and office. He also showed us Taj Mahal from behind, from the garden where a black Taj Mahal was supposed to stand. We were positively surprised by Taj Mahal ...

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India » Delhi

2011-09-13 ( Tuesday ) 16:26:55 GMT+1

After the party at Niharikas, we woke up in the early morning to catch our flight to DELHI !! We were actually very surprised of the metro, that is developed to a higher degree than in many European countries. And the Airport express that took us to the centre of New Dehli was very modern and "high class". We perceived Delhi very different from Mumbai at ...

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India » Last day in Mumbai

2011-09-13 ( Tuesday ) 16:00:18 GMT+1

On our last day in Mumbai, we stayed at Niharikas place. We were very lucky, since she organized a party at her place the same night. We enjoyed some Indian rome, meals and music - we even had some italian food and a delicious cheesecake!! :) We even had a lesson in "Indian moves" :) It was nice to meet you all! :) :) See you ...

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India » India - Back in Mumbai

2011-09-09 ( Friday ) 13:27:28 GMT+1

Back in Mumbai we are! The journey back took us around 15 hours, and hey, we had some proper seats this time!!! It was pretty nice and we survived! Found our way to Amrish place, and felt like locals actually, we knew where we were about to go and what to expect behind the corner! Got ready and met up with Niharika who is showing us ...

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India » Another day in Palolem

2011-09-07 ( Wednesday ) 17:31:11 GMT+1

Our PLAN was realized today… Or almost at east…we didn’t wake up as early as we wanted since Mr Moonsoon was visiting us again… Last night, after getting some henna, we decided to do some laundry (see pics), but unfortunately without electricity our fan doesn’t work and it is still wet! :( We will see tomorrow. Today, we did some chilling at the room, waiting for ...

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India » Palolem (Goa)

2011-09-06 ( Tuesday ) 15:39:53 GMT+1

Yesterday, with (temporary) no electricity at our room in the little family guest house Somia, we decided to enjoy a meal and go around in Panaji - the capital of Goa. The city has a strong Portuguese influence not only when it comes to infrastructure it occurs, but also with the tradition of siestas. We had to finish up our meal, since the restaurant was closing ...

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India » Goa

2011-09-05 ( Monday ) 16:18:08 GMT+1

On Sunday we joined a bowling competition between different companies in Mumbai with our hosts Amrish and Vishal. Andrzej had to jump in since they were one man short, and he rocked! He helped their company a lot... at least in the first round ;) In the afternoon we decided to go to Goa one day earlier, not to loose time. We will try to get ...

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India » Mumbai

2011-09-03 ( Saturday ) 14:33:04 GMT+1

“God morning, this is the captain speaking, unfortunately we cannot land in Mumbai at the moment due to the weather conditions and we have to fly for another hour, to Hyderabad and wait there for Mumbai to open the line. An aircraft of this size is not able to land anywhere else”. The minus with a Jumbo Jet : ) We lost 3 hours waiting in ...

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United Kingdom » Hello Biggy!

2011-09-01 ( Thursday ) 17:55:45 GMT+1

We arrived, we met, we hugged, (we laughed at each other and our backpacks), we located our hostel, and we had a Guinness! HELLO LONDON! We stay at Piccadilly Circus Hostel (Sherwood St.) which is pretty cheap and has a great location – walking distance everywhere! The last couple of days, before we left, was really intensive and we had a lot of stuff to fix… ...

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Sweden » See you later!

2011-08-30 ( Tuesday ) 02:48:35 GMT+1

I pack my backpack, "repack" it again... another selection and a third reconsideration... a different theory and another try... and it still feels like I will never fit in the f-----g backpack ! :) One backpack, up to a year and around the gloooobe... mmmm, believe me, you are not that cocky anylonger when you see the (almost exploding) backpack ready... It is time to go! ...

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Poland » Goodbye Party

2011-08-29 ( Monday ) 10:54:01 GMT+1

Goodbye Party.... Barbecue meeting and awesome present :) We've got a shower! Goodbye everyone, It' s happening, tomorrow we fly to London... Goodbye Poland! World is waiting... :) ...

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Poland » Goodbye MEC

2011-08-25 ( Thursday ) 22:13:39 GMT+1

My last week in MEC is coming to the end. The last day is officially on Friday, but I have already experienced what does it mean to say goodbye to some of my work mates... My wonderful team made me a surprise- they gathered all together behind my back so I hadn't noticed anything. Seriously, they took me by surprise. They said they wanted to give ...

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Sweden » Wonderful days...!!

2011-08-25 ( Thursday ) 10:55:39 GMT+1

Since our family is known to make surprises to each other, everyone expected my cousin Magnus to show up on my birthday... So they did everything to mislead us, and they suceeded! Disappointed I started my day at midnight where they were singing via skype (still in Switzerland) and wishing me all the best (a tradition to "attack" eachother at midnight :) ). While I was ...

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Poland » Indian Visa!

2011-08-16 ( Tuesday ) 10:29:21 GMT+1

Today we've received Indian Visa! The procedure was easy. We had to print the form from the internet and collect filled documents in Embassy of India. Later on I was checking our passport status on Embassy website and after 3 days I saw ''ready to receive'' and we've got it! INDIA IN 14 DAYS !!! ...

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Sweden » Australien Visa

2011-08-08 ( Monday ) 22:52:26 GMT+1

It was a lot easier to get an Australien Visa; in other words, I could just fill out an application form on the Internet and taaadaa: "The department wishes to advise that a decision has been made on this application and you have been granted an eVisitor on 08 August 2011". Oh Yeaaaaah! Next, United States! J. ...

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Sweden » Indian Visa

2011-08-08 ( Monday ) 01:51:06 GMT+1

I have now received my Visa – Thank you, India! I am waiting for Magda and Andrzej to receive theirs – it seems like the procedure is a bit easier in Warsaw, than in Gothenburg. I’ll tell you how it works here: I had to fill out and print a detailed form on the Internet, put it together with a proof of the transaction (650 SEK) ...

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Poland » Strona ruszyła!

2011-08-07 ( Sunday ) 16:05:59 GMT+1

Pozostały 23 dni do naszego wylotu. Od dziś możecie śledzić nasze losy i zmagania z wymarzonej podróży DOOKOŁA ŚWIATA !!! ...

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