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Australia » East Coast

2012-02-17 ( Friday ) 02:30:36 GMT+1

We’ve done the West side of Australia, and the South part (from Perth to Melbourne, and Tasmania), so a part of the East Coast seemed nice as an ending of our Tyree months here. It Is a huge country, that’s for sure! But we’ve managed to see quite a bit!

Starting our east coast adventure, we spent one night in Brisbane and picked up a very special car, a so called “Spaceship”. It is something between a car and a van! Since we have some experience with weird but cool transport/homes, we are open for all kinds of different solutions! As long as it is cheap! : ) This one was goooood! Sleeping in the back (meant for two people, but squeezed in three, as always (economic style!)), sitting in the front, all cooking facilities under the bed AND even a little fridge :) COLD beer and the opportunity to actually leave something for the next day made things a lot easier (especially the cold beer : ) ). To make the bed a reasonable size, we opened up the back and attached a “tent”-part to the car (that’s where the spaceship comes into the picture).

We slept at camping spots only 4 nights out of then, to have a shower and some electricity…mostly to avoid fines in the cities. The remaining night we stopped at various rest areas next to the roads, on the way down (to Sydney).

We also slept in a National Park once, which was beautiful! A nice track in the rainforest followed by a dinner in the forest. We had to be careful, since we were not the only hungry ones there : ) We clearly slept on the animals territory that night – nice experience! Look at the “natural dishwasher” sniffing our pan or the little baby kangaroo looking out from the mothers stomach! Amazing how the nature works and what it creates…

The Spaceship (our car) was a part of a package we got from Peter Pan’s (see logo on the right side on the start-site), a cool travel agency! Laura, a friend of a friend, helped us out and we got the car, one night at a hostel in Brisbane and… a surfing class with MOJO!!!
It was AWESOME! All three of us enjoyed it a lot, even though we were completely dead afterwards. We sat down on the beach with water in our ears, eyes, noses, and literally IN our brains… but still with a salty and sandy smile on our faces! Yeeeeea : )

Thanks Laura, thanks Peter Pan’s!

Beaches, surfing atmosphere, an flip flops… that’s what the East Coast is about!



Zdjęcia super,Sydney rzeczywiście nowoczesne i pięknie położone.Korzystajcie ile się da.Buziaki dla całej trójki,
Fajne zdjecia-ladnie tam jest a Sydney......;) :) :) buzka dla Was
Widac ze east coast to dobra zabawa, Sydney cudowne, piekne nowoczesne miasto z klimatem - uwielbiam!
czad z surfingiem!!!

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