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Asia, Australia, and New Zealand done, but our travel spirit is still not gone
We will come back home in June this year, so now we are moving into second gear
US and South America we will discover, we will also try to everything on the blog cover
On the map you can see where we are, whether it is by foot, by boat, or by car
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Poland » From Magda: Welcome BACK to EUROPE!!

2012-06-22 ( Friday ) 16:36:09 GMT+1

Guys! Now you are in the place where it has all been started... it's so good to know you are back in Europe! Not home yet but still not so far away... I couldn't manage to meet you up and celebrate the end in a "London way"... so I'm sending You photo tips what should be "ckecked" on your list while hanging around next two days ...

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Poland » Magda is BACK in town

2012-03-29 ( Thursday ) 17:14:44 GMT+1

“Ladies and gentlemen- welcome to Warsaw, we hope you have had a nice flight with Wizzair Airlines...”- those words made me realize it was really happening! On 25th of March I landed in Warsaw! The first thing I heard at the very beginning was a guy swearing in a bus, than a lady in an exchange point shoot me with a devil eye when I said ...

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Poland » Hip hip HURRA HURRA HURRA!

2012-02-14 ( Tuesday ) 00:31:05 GMT+1

MACIEK( Andrews brother and our manager of the blog :) ) and ANIA became PARENTS yesterday!!!! :) :) :) :) :) During our trip,we have been virtually following Maciek's and Ania's pregnancy. Asking a lot of questions, watching photos, asking Ania to stand up every time while talking on skype, to show the belly, thinking about them! From the very beginning of the pregnancy, we had ...

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Poland » Goodbye Party

2011-08-29 ( Monday ) 10:54:01 GMT+1

Goodbye Party.... Barbecue meeting and awesome present :) We've got a shower! Goodbye everyone, It' s happening, tomorrow we fly to London... Goodbye Poland! World is waiting... :) ...

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Poland » Goodbye MEC

2011-08-25 ( Thursday ) 22:13:39 GMT+1

My last week in MEC is coming to the end. The last day is officially on Friday, but I have already experienced what does it mean to say goodbye to some of my work mates... My wonderful team made me a surprise- they gathered all together behind my back so I hadn't noticed anything. Seriously, they took me by surprise. They said they wanted to give ...

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Poland » Indian Visa!

2011-08-16 ( Tuesday ) 10:29:21 GMT+1

Today we've received Indian Visa! The procedure was easy. We had to print the form from the internet and collect filled documents in Embassy of India. Later on I was checking our passport status on Embassy website and after 3 days I saw ''ready to receive'' and we've got it! INDIA IN 14 DAYS !!! ...

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Poland » Strona ruszyła!

2011-08-07 ( Sunday ) 16:05:59 GMT+1

Pozostały 23 dni do naszego wylotu. Od dziś możecie śledzić nasze losy i zmagania z wymarzonej podróży DOOKOŁA ŚWIATA !!! ...

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