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Poland » Magda is BACK in town

2012-03-29 ( Thursday ) 17:14:44 GMT+1

“Ladies and gentlemen- welcome to Warsaw, we hope you have had a nice flight with Wizzair Airlines...”- those words made me realize it was really happening! On 25th of March I landed in Warsaw! The first thing I heard at the very beginning was a guy swearing in a bus, than a lady in an exchange point shoot me with a devil eye when I said “hello” to her with a huge smile on my face.... Home sweet home....

Obviously, every journey has its end... but endings can be really nice and .... surprising! ;) I have decided to keep in a secret the date of my return to Poland and trust me... it was bloody hard... I have told my whole family and friends that I might be back in the end of May... but in fact I had already rebooked my ticket in January and there were only few people knowing that I am coming back on 22nd of March ; ) including obviously Jess and Andrzej, my family in Melbourne and my close friend Julia who helped me a lot with completing my mysterious plan : ) So without letting anybody else know I took a flight straight to Europe with a short interchange in Hong Kong. After 23 hours (!!!) on the plane I was more than happy when I finally got off in London. I spent 2 really cool days with my friends- Brygida and Kamil- and found myself again at the airport waiting for my last FINAL flight... to Warsaw... At first I couldn’t believe it was all about 2,5 hours....2,5 h (!!!) to be at home... after 7 months! Plus excitement about showing up at my parents’ place.... just like that ; P... they had no idea I was on the way! My friend Julia picked me up from the airport. I called my parents just to let them know that she is on the way with a “huge surprise.” ; ) My parents and brother couldn’t believe their own eyes!!! It was really touching and unforgettable for all of us... and it was not the end... there were other victims on my list ;) Straight on the other day I started “haunting” my friends. I had loads of really crazy ideas including jumping out of the closet ; ) You should have seen their faces... precious moments!!!

On 29.03 Michał, a friend of Jess & Andrzej & mine, had a birthday and guess who rang his door a couple of hours before the midnight? : ) Exactly!!! Again, Julia helped me with keeping the surprise till the very end (THANK U GIRL!!!). We celebrated properly Michal’s bday and our meeting.

From one surprise to another, I have noticed that there was actually nothing to worry about ...coming back to “reality” seems to be even too easy. I feel like I have been absent only for two weeks or so... What is more, with every day I’m finding Warsaw a really beautiful city! And trust me... Polish bread and yoghurts are THE BEST in the whole world! : P

Now I can officially say “HELLO POLAND!” : )

From now on lets follow Jess and Andrzej together here on the blog! : )



polski chlebek po długim czasie rozłąki - wiem co czujesz ;))))
welcome back!!!! :)
Witaj w domku Madziu :)

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