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Asia, Australia, and New Zealand done, but our travel spirit is still not gone
We will come back home in June this year, so now we are moving into second gear
US and South America we will discover, we will also try to everything on the blog cover
On the map you can see where we are, whether it is by foot, by boat, or by car
Follow us on our blog right here, comment and support us through both joy and fear!

Nepal » Trekking in the Himalayan mountains

2011-09-26 ( Monday ) 22:33:30 GMT+1

7 days of trekking... ...actually it was supposed to be 5 days with one day on the bus there, and one day back. But to get to the place where our route started it occured that we had to start climbing/walking at day one! Lonely planet says it is only 117 km from Kathmandu to Syabru, which is actually possible... but here in Nepal, people do ...

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Nepal » Kathmandu

2011-09-20 ( Tuesday ) 01:42:01 GMT+1

Nepal is the perfect place to do some trekking so we have decided to go and say hello to the nature and the mountains. Since we are all amateurs in trekking, we have chosen a 5 days option that is said to be enough to go and see the Langtang region. In order to make it as safe as possible we are going with a local ...

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Nepal » Earth Quake - We are fine!

2011-09-19 ( Monday ) 07:22:13 GMT+1

It is about time to make a post and tell you that everything is fine. We did not want to panic earlier, and make you guys worry. We are following the news all over the world, and can tell that it has reached you as well, therefore: WE ARE DOING GOOD, NOTHING BAD HAPPENED TO US - EVERYTHING IS FINE! Except for shaking legs and a ...

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India » Agra / Varanasi

2011-09-16 ( Friday ) 17:25:42 GMT+1

Before we left Agra, our new friend Shalab showed us another school that they are running, Prelude Public School. We could tell that the kids has everything in this school, from yoga classrooms, to meditation rooms, computer classrooms, to swimming pools and horse riding tracks. The sweetest toilets for the smallest and cricket fields for the older. Several school buses parked outside, ready to pick up ...

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India » Agra

2011-09-14 ( Wednesday ) 07:33:08 GMT+1

Our visit in Agra is very nice so far! Yesterday, we met our new host, Shalab, who took us for a dinner to a fancy restaurant, showed us his home and garden, took us to his school and office. He also showed us Taj Mahal from behind, from the garden where a black Taj Mahal was supposed to stand. We were positively surprised by Taj Mahal ...

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India » Delhi

2011-09-13 ( Tuesday ) 16:26:55 GMT+1

After the party at Niharikas, we woke up in the early morning to catch our flight to DELHI !! We were actually very surprised of the metro, that is developed to a higher degree than in many European countries. And the Airport express that took us to the centre of New Dehli was very modern and "high class". We perceived Delhi very different from Mumbai at ...

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India » Last day in Mumbai

2011-09-13 ( Tuesday ) 16:00:18 GMT+1

On our last day in Mumbai, we stayed at Niharikas place. We were very lucky, since she organized a party at her place the same night. We enjoyed some Indian rome, meals and music - we even had some italian food and a delicious cheesecake!! :) We even had a lesson in "Indian moves" :) It was nice to meet you all! :) :) See you ...

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India » India - Back in Mumbai

2011-09-09 ( Friday ) 13:27:28 GMT+1

Back in Mumbai we are! The journey back took us around 15 hours, and hey, we had some proper seats this time!!! It was pretty nice and we survived! Found our way to Amrish place, and felt like locals actually, we knew where we were about to go and what to expect behind the corner! Got ready and met up with Niharika who is showing us ...

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India » Another day in Palolem

2011-09-07 ( Wednesday ) 17:31:11 GMT+1

Our PLAN was realized today… Or almost at east…we didn’t wake up as early as we wanted since Mr Moonsoon was visiting us again… Last night, after getting some henna, we decided to do some laundry (see pics), but unfortunately without electricity our fan doesn’t work and it is still wet! :( We will see tomorrow. Today, we did some chilling at the room, waiting for ...

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India » Palolem (Goa)

2011-09-06 ( Tuesday ) 15:39:53 GMT+1

Yesterday, with (temporary) no electricity at our room in the little family guest house Somia, we decided to enjoy a meal and go around in Panaji - the capital of Goa. The city has a strong Portuguese influence not only when it comes to infrastructure it occurs, but also with the tradition of siestas. We had to finish up our meal, since the restaurant was closing ...

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India » Goa

2011-09-05 ( Monday ) 16:18:08 GMT+1

On Sunday we joined a bowling competition between different companies in Mumbai with our hosts Amrish and Vishal. Andrzej had to jump in since they were one man short, and he rocked! He helped their company a lot... at least in the first round ;) In the afternoon we decided to go to Goa one day earlier, not to loose time. We will try to get ...

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India » Mumbai

2011-09-03 ( Saturday ) 14:33:04 GMT+1

“God morning, this is the captain speaking, unfortunately we cannot land in Mumbai at the moment due to the weather conditions and we have to fly for another hour, to Hyderabad and wait there for Mumbai to open the line. An aircraft of this size is not able to land anywhere else”. The minus with a Jumbo Jet : ) We lost 3 hours waiting in ...

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United Kingdom » Hello Biggy!

2011-09-01 ( Thursday ) 17:55:45 GMT+1

We arrived, we met, we hugged, (we laughed at each other and our backpacks), we located our hostel, and we had a Guinness! HELLO LONDON! We stay at Piccadilly Circus Hostel (Sherwood St.) which is pretty cheap and has a great location – walking distance everywhere! The last couple of days, before we left, was really intensive and we had a lot of stuff to fix… ...

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