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India » Mumbai

2011-09-03 ( Saturday ) 14:33:04 GMT+1

“God morning, this is the captain speaking, unfortunately we cannot land in Mumbai at the moment due to the weather conditions and we have to fly for another hour, to Hyderabad and wait there for Mumbai to open the line. An aircraft of this size is not able to land anywhere else”.

The minus with a Jumbo Jet : ) We lost 3 hours waiting in the airplane for the rain to pass by in Mumbai. Finally, on the right airport, we went out, felt the specific smell, the hot and wet air, saw a very different culture from our own. Everyone where looking at us, and still are. That is something we have to get used to - we are the only white guys here! Everyone should experience that… being a minority – a healthy experience!

The traffic here is CRRRAAAZZZYYYY ! We thought that Warsaw drivers were nuts… this is more than what we European can handle… not even mentioning if we compare to the Swedish 50km/hour- alone on the road-driving! It is actually amazing how it works when they are horning at each other. In Poland it means “What are you doing, idiot!” (and that is a nice version), but here it is more like “hey, I’m here, let’s go with the flow”.

Amrish and Vishal picked us up at the airport after that we tried to understand the taxi system and left the situation with the cabdrivers fighting with each other. Guys, you saved our buts last night – thanks a lot! Moreover, we are staying at their place which is really cool! In the part of Mumbai called Bandra.

There is a festival here right now, called Ganesha Chaturthi which is connected to the Elephant God Ganesha – they are carrying this idles on their heads and they put it in the sea. Dancing to loud music on the street with colors in their faces they create this nice atmosphere all over the place. After experiencing the Indian streets and being caught by the showers a couple of times, we went to an Indian restaurant. Nervous about our stomachs we tried the food, we loved it, we went back to Amrish’ place – and we survived, as well as our stomaches! Today, we will enjoy the city and hit some bars with the locals – looking forward to it! Tomorrow morning, we are joining the guys to a bowling competition between different companies here in Mumbai – will be very interesting and we will try to support their company as good as we can! : )

We are planning to hit towards Goa on Monday!



tylko pozazdrościć :)
Kasia Sparrow
Kochana Madziu piękne zdjęcia! :) trzymaj się i oby więcej super fotek :)
@MWK - Powiem Ci ze to mycie nie wiele daje... haha! Nonstop sie pocimy...jeszcze z plecakami..ojoj! :) Ale kto wie, moze sie przyzwyczaimy :)
@Grazynka - Ciesze sie ze jestes tu z nami!!
Oczywiscie! Nie ma nic lepszego niz poranny prysznic w zimej wodzie ;)
Mam nadzieję, że jeszcze się myjecie ;P
Looks like you guys are having a brilliant time.... What's the next leg of your awesome adventure? Can't wait to see you guys.
pozdrawiam ekipe, mysle o Was
Rain, plane delay, traffic - phiii.... We are stuck here at the office since Monday to Friday and have no chance to be move anywhere so no complains from your side please :))))))))))))))) Good luck and wait to hear from you soon....
Benny and Eva
So far so good, I can see. Fair winds to you all, as an old sailor will say it.
we r gonna upload them today, dont worry ;)
la photos por favour!

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