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Asia, Australia, and New Zealand done, but our travel spirit is still not gone
We will come back home in June this year, so now we are moving into second gear
US and South America we will discover, we will also try to everything on the blog cover
On the map you can see where we are, whether it is by foot, by boat, or by car
Follow us on our blog right here, comment and support us through both joy and fear!

United Kingdom » WE MADE IT !!!!

2012-06-24 ( Sunday ) 21:44:47 GMT+1


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Poland » From Magda: Welcome BACK to EUROPE!!

2012-06-22 ( Friday ) 16:36:09 GMT+1

Guys! Now you are in the place where it has all been started... it's so good to know you are back in Europe! Not home yet but still not so far away... I couldn't manage to meet you up and celebrate the end in a "London way"... so I'm sending You photo tips what should be "ckecked" on your list while hanging around next two days ...

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United States » New York City !!!

2012-06-22 ( Friday ) 15:42:50 GMT+1

New York City - the capital of the world, they say! To start with, Jessie's friend from Warsaw - Ania - waited for us in NYC! It was a big meeting after so many months - the first person from back home since we left :) After a quick shower and change before Ania's check out (still using every opportuiny :) ), and a lunch at ...

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Canada » Toronto

2012-06-20 ( Wednesday ) 07:19:04 GMT+1

We spent 3 days in Toronto, at Tanyas' - a friends friend ;) We met in Sweden right before we left and she has been following us from the beginning on our blog, and we finally made it to Canada! :) We walked all over the city... from the little Italy, to the Dundas square, to the food market, through the islands just outside downtown (beautiful ...

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United States » Buffalo wings & The Niagara falls

2012-06-17 ( Sunday ) 02:12:57 GMT+1

After the wonderful weekend in Boston we arrived to Buffalo, a little city close to the Canadian border, from where we wanted to go and see the famous Niagara falls!!! Andy - our host - picked us up at the airport, we dropped our stuff at his place, and we were ready to go! We started with some fast sight seeing and then we went for ...

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United States » Boston

2012-06-14 ( Thursday ) 07:22:12 GMT+1

The actual reason we went to Boston was Jessie's old friend from Uni - Ania. She now lives in Boston and we stayed with her and her boyfriend Argenis for 3 days! It was a weekend that we had planned a long time ago and finally, the little reunion took place :) Boston is a very nice city, and we got not only the opportunity to ...

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United States » Washington DC

2012-06-11 ( Monday ) 06:46:45 GMT+1

Staying in one place for 9 days was exactly what we needed, and it was perfect! But it was time to move on! :) The tempo is back and we are back...on track again! Two days in Washington DC!! It was two very intense days, with a LOT of walking :) It is a great city, where you can actually walk around to all the high ...

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United States » South beach Miami!

2012-06-07 ( Thursday ) 00:14:45 GMT+1

As a "big boom bang" ending of our stay in Miami.... we spent the whole day where? On SOUTH BEACH of course - thats a must! A beautiful beach that goes on for miles and miles and miles... clear water, white sand (partly from Bahamas apparantly),girls in bikinis and men with their very dark sunglases :) Good food and big drinks served on every corner, nice ...

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United States » Chillin in Miami :)

2012-06-05 ( Tuesday ) 06:36:51 GMT+1

The last couples of days, we've been eating good, drinking good, sleepig good, and enjoying... It was exactly what we needed.. R E L A X I N G! :) Let the pictures confirm and tell the story about our wonderful time here in Miami ! :) ...

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United States » Miami

2012-06-01 ( Friday ) 04:19:39 GMT+1

US is the last stop before we finish our loop around the world, and we started it with a boom – in MIAMI! : ) In exactly 3 weeks, we are returning back to London, where we first met and started our journey… almost a year ago! : ) But, before that, we still have some things to do and a lot of things to see! ...

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