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United States » Buffalo wings & The Niagara falls

2012-06-17 ( Sunday ) 02:12:57 GMT+1

After the wonderful weekend in Boston we arrived to Buffalo, a little city close to the Canadian border, from where we wanted to go and see the famous Niagara falls!!!

Andy - our host - picked us up at the airport, we dropped our stuff at his place, and we were ready to go!

We started with some fast sight seeing and then we went for a softball game, where Andy and his friends (and his dad!) played! It was nice to see how the boys gather (once a week) for a game, with the "soft" ball, the glove, and some beers! Great idea!

After the game, we went to try the famous Buffalo wings (!!!) with all the different sauses (with the carrots and cellery sticks), and Canadian beer... with ishockey on the screens!

A perfect first day in Buffalo!

The next day, Andy lended his car to us, so we drove down to the Niagara falls! Pretty impressive, we have to admit! Although, the competition in Argentina and the Iguazu falls is BIG! It's amazing how spoiled we are by the views by now...

We saw the falls from both the American side and the Canadian side (beeeeaaautiful), had a beer in a bar to see the "soccer" game (we were lucky there was no baseball game), and made our way back to Andys place. There, we had a lovely dinner together with Andy, his friend Nima and his dad - including the typical American macaroni and cheese :) :) As a little "goodbye", we had some drinks at a local beer in the down town of Buffalo.

A perfect second (and last) day in Buffalo! :) :)



Dziekuje serdecznie i tez pozdrawiam cala rodzinke :)
Eliza, hur avundas dig! Pozdrowienia dla Was wszystkich w G. i specjalne dla Mamy :-)
Sisku moze wez ze soba ta rekawice to zagramy w ogrodku :) do zobaczenia niedlugo kochanie :)
Za 6 dni ucalujemy wasze sliczne mordki!!! Tzn jedni w Szwecji, drudzy w Polsce ma sie rozumieć ;)))) jakby nie patrzec światowa z Was para!
Thanks a lot Krzysiek! Unfortunately we are not going there this time... but next time! :) I will come to Wroclaw sooner though! :) :) :)
Guys, remember that Szymon is in Chicago, so if you pass through - make sure to visit him :) It'd be definetely a nice surprise to meet again 3 months after seeing you in NZ Cheers, and see you in Wroclaw - Krzysiek
Now thats what I would call the American way of spending time ;) i mean all the food and games- really cool! Btw, lov your braceletes... ;) couple of days and you r back in Europe again! 7 days till reaching officially 300 days of travelling!!!!

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