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Asia, Australia, and New Zealand done, but our travel spirit is still not gone
We will come back home in June this year, so now we are moving into second gear
US and South America we will discover, we will also try to everything on the blog cover
On the map you can see where we are, whether it is by foot, by boat, or by car
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Bolivia » Potosi, Tarija, and a Special Mission!

2012-05-09 ( Wednesday ) 06:13:29 GMT+1

Since our way was blocked due to some demonstrations to Tupiza, we had to go another way to Tarija - via Potosi. It was NOT on our way, but we were really happy in the end, that we went through that city, because it was a beautiful place! One of the first things we noticed was the people... so we focused on them; we also saw ...

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Bolivia » Uyuni

2012-05-07 ( Monday ) 14:07:19 GMT+1

After a veeeery looooong and BUMPY ride from La Paz, we finally arrived in Uyuni, from where we started our next adventure - 3 days in the desert of Bolivia! We were a group of six, in one 4wd! Kristina, Emil, and Daniel from Denmark, Remi from Italy, and us two. And of course, our driver Ruben! :) Our trip started with the main attraction, which ...

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Bolivia » La Paz & Death Road

2012-05-06 ( Sunday ) 02:29:50 GMT+1

We came to La Paz with one mission - the Death Road! It is a tourist attraction which gives you the opportunity to try extreme off road mountain biking. And of course, that sounded attractive to us! :) Today it is an attracion for "gringos" (white ppl), but it was once the only way from La Paz to the mountains, for transport. It is a very ...

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