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Bolivia » Potosi, Tarija, and a Special Mission!

2012-05-09 ( Wednesday ) 06:13:29 GMT+1

Since our way was blocked due to some demonstrations to Tupiza, we had to go another way to Tarija - via Potosi. It was NOT on our way, but we were really happy in the end, that we went through that city, because it was a beautiful place!

One of the first things we noticed was the people... so we focused on them; we also saw some brutal stuff on the meat market, but we have decided to show everything here... The photos from Potosi really presents how we perceived the city.

THEN... we finally arrived to Tarija, which was one of our first planned destinations in Latin America. Why?

Because Jessie had a Special Mission in Tarija, namely to meet one of her best friends dad, Javier.

'I grew up with Laura back in Sweden, and I met Javier the last time at least 15 years ago. I told to myself, and Laura, that IF I will go to Latin America, I will find Javier and give him a hug from her :)

And that is exactly what I did - MISSION completed'!

We had a wonderful day in the lovely little town Tarija. Amazing food, good wine, and a small reunion after years...



mamma Kiki
Kram till er och hälsa Lauras pappa :-)
Thanks to your pictures I found Bolivia very interesting place. People seems to be very friendly there as well. Take care!!!
well done !

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