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Asia, Australia, and New Zealand done, but our travel spirit is still not gone
We will come back home in June this year, so now we are moving into second gear
US and South America we will discover, we will also try to everything on the blog cover
On the map you can see where we are, whether it is by foot, by boat, or by car
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Malaysia » Melaka

2011-11-09 ( Wednesday ) 19:16:15 GMT+1

We took the bus from KL and arrived in "Melaka Sentral", where we took the local bus to the centre - getting used to the local transports nowadays :) Jumped of at the Town square, with the nice little Clock Tower in the middle and started our hostel research as usual (when we do not have a host from couhsurfing) ! We went to Melaka together ...

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Malaysia » Kuala Lumpur

2011-11-07 ( Monday ) 17:37:49 GMT+1

From Langkawi, we took a ferry to the Island Penang, where we stayed for two days. We did not find it very attractive and went further on. The wonderful side of spontaneous backpacking – you do whatever you feel like whenever you want….! : ) And with that decision, it was time to say hello to the mainland again (after more than two weeks on islands)… ...

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Malaysia » Langkawi

2011-10-28 ( Friday ) 20:48:49 GMT+1

We jumped on another ferry – our main transport vehicle nowadays : ) – after being ‘checked out’ from Thailand in the ‘immigration office’ on the beach. It was hard to say goodbye to the wonderful views and the lovely water… and we decided to sit on the roof of the ferry to enjoy – a very windy but nice experience. 1,5 hour later, we arrived ...

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