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Malaysia » Melaka

2011-11-09 ( Wednesday ) 19:16:15 GMT+1

We took the bus from KL and arrived in "Melaka Sentral", where we took the local bus to the centre - getting used to the local transports nowadays :) Jumped of at the Town square, with the nice little Clock Tower in the middle and started our hostel research as usual (when we do not have a host from couhsurfing) ! We went to Melaka together with Kuba and Wojtek and we were looking for a place to sleep for all five of us.
We finally managed (after walking around China town and a stop for a milkshake to take off our backpacks for a moment) to find a place with a so called family room. After discussing in all languages we know, including amateur sign language, and a complicated bargaining process - we got a good price. After getting our bill and while collecting money, the old man said "nooo shoooower, buuudget hotel" - haha! We answered that we will then leave the place, than he took out his language skills and said "Im sorry, English bad, shower yeeeees". : )

The next day, we got in touch with our hosts here in Melaka - Jose and Kauthaman - and after walking around the city all day, we arrived to their place and were introduced to the Uncle, Aunt, Satu, and 6 (!!!) dogs. All of them very nice - but still hard to handle while taking them for a walk! : ) Kauthaman's Uncle and his assistant, prepared the most wonderful supper ever. We got plenty of different dishes from South India, and it was delicious!!! We decided - again - to do like the locals, but this time it concerned the tools used while eating.... None :) We finally tried to eat everything with our hands, rice, sauce, meat, fish - everything. It worked, and we enjoyed! :) Thank you very much, Jose & Kauthaman, for your hospitality! :)

We met up with the guys again, did a river cruise and walked around a bit. After a while we decided that we are tired and sat down on the Town square and just chilled out for a while - Kuba and Wojtek sketching, Magda taking a power nap, Andrzej reading the lonely planet book, and Jessie taking pictures. A really nice afternoon!

We are leaving Malaysia, taking off to Singapore tomorrow afternoon, by buss (4-5 hours driving). It is time to move on.... : )



Prawda!!! Ja kochana za twoje buleczki wszystko ci przyrzadze! :) Buziaki
Wspomnienia są super - ale to Wasze zdjęcia są ogromnym kapitałem - dziś nawet nie wiecie jak wielkim :)
mam nadziej,ze zapisujecie w swoim pamietniku te wszystkie dania,bo jak sie spotkamy to pokaze zdjecie i bede wybierac :) PRAWDA MADZIU???? caluje was wszystkich- bardzo fajne zdjecia,oglada sie je z usmiechen na twarzy POZDRAWIAM
very nice - the dinner looks amazing!!!
Pozdrówka żoliborskie. Tak zaznaczam swoje istnienie :):)

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