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Asia, Australia, and New Zealand done, but our travel spirit is still not gone
We will come back home in June this year, so now we are moving into second gear
US and South America we will discover, we will also try to everything on the blog cover
On the map you can see where we are, whether it is by foot, by boat, or by car
Follow us on our blog right here, comment and support us through both joy and fear!

United States » Napa Valley, Sacramento, Tahoe, Reno !

2012-03-29 ( Thursday ) 19:15:25 GMT+1

DAN - he did not only show us San Francisco, and everything around; he did not only let us stay at his place and took care of us... ...he also gave us his old Jeep Cherokee for two weeks !!! Our new little home on wheels. With this opportunity we are now doing a loop in California and Nevada. We have been to Napa Valley, the ...

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Poland » Magda is BACK in town

2012-03-29 ( Thursday ) 17:14:44 GMT+1

“Ladies and gentlemen- welcome to Warsaw, we hope you have had a nice flight with Wizzair Airlines...”- those words made me realize it was really happening! On 25th of March I landed in Warsaw! The first thing I heard at the very beginning was a guy swearing in a bus, than a lady in an exchange point shoot me with a devil eye when I said ...

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United States » San Francisco

2012-03-25 ( Sunday ) 23:19:39 GMT+1

San Francisco....oh San Francisco... what a place! Dan took us for a long, wonderful sightseeing day! We were very lucky, since the weather here has not been spoiling us (it is raining all the time), but that day we got SUN and a clear sky! So, we started with an American breakfast at Jimmy's, in San Jose - biiiig proper breakfast! Now we were ready to ...

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United States » San Jose & Santa Cruz

2012-03-25 ( Sunday ) 19:17:17 GMT+1

We survived our first journey with Greyhound :) And arrived in San Jose (next to San Francisco). The reason why we got of in San Jose was that Jessie had an old friend from eBay there - DAN ! It was a little reunion after a couple of years, and we had THE best time ever!! :) We started with a big Mexican meal, which is ...

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Australia » Magda and her another visit to Melbourne

2012-03-24 ( Saturday ) 11:40:31 GMT+1

Trust me...saying “goodbye” is not an easy thing to do when you've been spending 24/7 with two people for a couple of weeks or even months... Jessica and Andrzej continue on travelling, they are now checking what “the American dream” really means- if there is anything like that ; P- and I got back to Australia. Unfortunately Australia is in fact my last stop before going ...

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United States » Los Angeles

2012-03-22 ( Thursday ) 07:54:34 GMT+1

So it was time for the next level of our trip - USA! Imagine that we left on the 15th of March, at 14.00 and flew for 13 hours and arrived on the 15th of March, at 06.00 in the morning! Is that possible? Yupp, 21 hours difference and we actually gained a day, and had breakfast 3 times that day HAHA : ) When we ...

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New Zealand » North Island

2012-03-14 ( Wednesday ) 09:38:45 GMT+1

We waved Magda off, and started the research about the North Island of New Zealand. After getting wet a couple of nights in a raw on the south island, it was time to be honest with ourselves and give up the idea with the little tent – the weather wasn’t good enough (not the tent : ) )! We were decided for a car with the ...

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New Zealand » See you later Magda!

2012-03-03 ( Saturday ) 02:09:23 GMT+1

Our Golden Trio is no longer the same from the very moment when Magda jumped on the plain All three of us was fulfilling an important part and from now on, we are travelling apart… It has been a lot of fun to travel through the world, following the sun India was the beginning and our start the place where we had to learn to be ...

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New Zealand » South Island - done!

2012-03-03 ( Saturday ) 00:48:41 GMT+1

We enjoyed, we loved it, we had to leave it…but we will never forg et it! A wonderful island, where we finished as a Golden Trio! We managed to stick to our initial plan that we had when we left Europe. Mission completed! Magda even managed to go further than planned, and joined us here on the south island! The second part of the island was ...

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