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New Zealand » See you later Magda!

2012-03-03 ( Saturday ) 02:09:23 GMT+1

Our Golden Trio is no longer the same
from the very moment when Magda jumped on the plain

All three of us was fulfilling an important part
and from now on, we are travelling apart…

It has been a lot of fun
to travel through the world, following the sun

India was the beginning and our start
the place where we had to learn to be street smart

In Nepal, we felt when the earth started to shake
and we learned to fight and the best of the situation make

In Thailand, we got some rest and a lot of nuts
we were in heaven, and worked on the size of our buts

The amazing food increased our travel mood!

In Malaysia we saw not only the Twin Towers
but everything from monkeys to flowers

Singapore was our last stop in Asia and very intense
but we loved it, cause everything there just makes sense!

In Aussie land we stayed for a pretty long time
we were apart for a while, but it worked out fine

The West, the South, and the East
at this moment we were travel beasts! : )

New Zealand was the very last
and it is all now in the past…

During this trip, we have so many things tried
sometimes we laughed, sometimes we cried

Magda, we just wanted to say Thank You
stay with us on the blog, whatever you do!

Whatever happens, always keep your face

it is amazing what you express with it, in every case

AND we keep our fingers crossed that you will find your place!

Keep it up, girl !!



Madzik kochana bądź dzielna i korzystaj z każdego nowego dnia!!! Jessie i Andrzej - powodzenia w dalszych podbojach! Całujemy! xxx J&M
Dentysta z Sonaty PPL
Wspaniałe uśmiechy - tak trzymać - Pozdrawiam :) Paweł.
No teraz musimy sie nauczyc inaczej podrozowac i funkcjonowac....Damy rade! :)
mamma Kiki
Duzo calusow dla pary sam na sam. Powodzenia :)
U should ve seen my face when I opened the website while sitting with Stanislaw and Gosia (!!!) and telling them and his son about recent adventures! :)
U know how much it means to me... the rhymes (FANTASTIC!!!), photos (= number of great moments :)) .... I already miss you... but I am happy for you both. Do your thing and enjoy every singe day! You wont get rid of me so quickly coz Im gonna have my eye on you here on the blog so better watch out! Behave!!! :PPPPP heh

Im not good at rhymes and writting but here is my way of saying "See you later!" ;)

There are plenty of reasons to THANK U guys...
It was a good choice to follow your advice!
For some time Golden Trio has been split apart,
But I believe for our friendship it is only a start : )

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