Golden Trio

Magda, Andrzej and Jessie - our so called Golden Trio - had a common dream, namely to see a bit of the world. We agreed on a route (which wasn’t easy) and after many ifs and buts the decision was taken: WE ARE GOING AROUND THE WORLD !!! We meet up in London and start our trip on September the 1st, 2011. We have the following flights booked: London - Bombay, Bombay - Dehli, Singapore - Perth, Sydney - Wellington, Auckland - Los Angeles, New York - London.

The idea is to make our way relatively spontaneous. We are all going together to Asia and Australia, then Andrzej and Jessie will continue to New Zeeland and US. During our stay in the US we plan to visit Latin America as well. Join us here on our blog and follow us on our map - we are looking forward to your comments and support!


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