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Asia, Australia, and New Zealand done, but our travel spirit is still not gone
We will come back home in June this year, so now we are moving into second gear
US and South America we will discover, we will also try to everything on the blog cover
On the map you can see where we are, whether it is by foot, by boat, or by car
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Peru » LIMA

2012-05-29 ( Tuesday ) 04:07:21 GMT+1

We closed the loop in South America, by arriving to Lima! It was another loooong drive (17 hours)... but we made it... and we are happy that the long bus rides are over! What was supposed to be two days of waiting for the flight to US, became a wonderful time with delicious food and some sightseeing :) :) Noelia, our contact in Lima, was keeping ...

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Peru » Arequipa

2012-05-27 ( Sunday ) 04:46:17 GMT+1

We crossed the border, and felt like „home” almost : ) : ) Peru was a country we already knew, a place where we knew what to expect, what to eat, and how to make our way : ) After running through new places every day for the last couple of months, it felt good to return to something familiar : ) The culture wasn’t new ...

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Peru » Lake Titicaca - Peru and Bolivia

2012-04-28 ( Saturday ) 21:32:48 GMT+1

Exhausted after the Inca Jungle, but still curious about more places, we jumper on a Wight bus to Puno, a city next to Lake Titicaca! We stopped there, to visit the famous floating islands, before we jumped on the next bus to cross the border to Bolivia. Even though we are convinced the floating islands the tourists visit are fake, there are still families living on ...

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Peru » Machu Picchu

2012-04-26 ( Thursday ) 18:05:54 GMT+1

We will try to keep it short, but it will be hard! 4 days and 3 nights with so many cool things, and so much going on! We left Cusco at 6 am, and after some driving we reached the point where we jumped from a warm and comfy mini-van, to freezing cold mountain bikes : ) It shouldn’t have been a surprise actually, since we ...

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Peru » Ica

2012-04-23 ( Monday ) 21:50:25 GMT+1

After a 24 hour long journey from the US, we finally arrived in Latin America. It was very late and we went directly to Lucho’s house – a couchsurfer in Lima, Peru – where we met some locals (both Peruvian and International :) ). Our first day in Lima, we explored Miraflores , a popular district in the city. We had our first Spanish lesson with ...

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