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Peru » Ica

2012-04-23 ( Monday ) 21:50:25 GMT+1

After a 24 hour long journey from the US, we finally arrived in Latin America. It was very late and we went directly to Lucho’s house – a couchsurfer in Lima, Peru – where we met some locals (both Peruvian and International :) ).

Our first day in Lima, we explored Miraflores , a popular district in the city. We had our first Spanish lesson with other couchsurfers, and we met up with Noelia – a friend of a friend of a friend….again : ) : ) She has helped us a bit with planning our short and very intense loop here in Latin America! We tried Pisco sour, the national coctail in Peru, and Savicha, the national dish with raw fish marinated in lime – delicious!!

We decided to explore the city where they produce the famous alcohol Pisco – Ica. The bus surprised us, since we didn’t expect it to be so luxury. A really nice bus, with nice service and everything as it should be : ) We arrived in Ica, and met Luis – another Couchsurfer, who invited us to his city : )

We stayed in Ica for two days, and had a lovely time! We tried even more local food, we visited the wineries where they produce Pisco and wine, we did our own Pisco sour drink with passionfruit, Pisco, sugar, and egg white (!!!) , we went to Luis’ grandmothers gardens and we tried 6 (!!) different types of mangos and so many other fruits we have never seen, we tried the Peruvian chocolate, and we went to the oasis, and finished with sand boarding on the sand dunes!! Crazy two days, and a lot of fun!

From Ica, we took a 17 hours bus to Cusco. And from here, we were ready for an adventure:

4 days, 3 nights in the Inca Jungle. Biking, hiking, and sleeping atplaces with local families. Zip Lining and so much more, to get to the famous forgotten city – MACHU PICCHU! Check out the next post (as soon as we will find a connection again : ) ).



I ve been waiting for those pics impatiently!!! Sand boarding? AWESOME!!! Everything looks simply amazing...
I kto powiedział, że do snowboardu potrzeby jest śnieg? Pozdro Sand Surfers!
Aż nie mogę uwierzyć ! Taksówka Daewoo Tico, czyli fura którą odziedziczyłem po rodzicach i jeżdżę do tej pory. To niezniszczały samochód ! W Ameryce Płd nazywają to chyba Daewoo Fino. To samochód-legenda: tu i tam ! Zazdroszczę Wam tej wycieczki coraz bardziej :)

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