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Asia, Australia, and New Zealand done, but our travel spirit is still not gone
We will come back home in June this year, so now we are moving into second gear
US and South America we will discover, we will also try to everything on the blog cover
On the map you can see where we are, whether it is by foot, by boat, or by car
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Australia » Great Ocean Road

2011-12-30 ( Friday ) 12:15:40 GMT+1

Golden Trio back on the road again! :) We went for a small trip after Xmas and ended up on the famous Great Ocean Road, next to the southern coast not far away from Melbourne. A beautiful road trip that took us 4 days and 3 interesting nights with our new little home, namely the tent we got from Perth :) It was worth to carry ...

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Australia » Merry Xmas

2011-12-24 ( Saturday ) 19:43:31 GMT+1

We wish you all a wonderful Xmas, especially together with your families - since that is what we miss the most! Życzymy Wam wszystkim cudownych Świąt, przede wszystkim razem z rodzinkami - ponieważ tego nam brakuje najbardziej! Vi önskar Er alla en underbar Jul, speciellt ihop med era familjer - eftersom det är det vi saknar mest! Below are a couple of pics of how we ...

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Australia » Adelaide

2011-12-24 ( Saturday ) 04:34:10 GMT+1

It was a short but very nice stay in Adelaide... since we had a lift with George to that city :) and we werre on our way to get to Magda for Xmas. Also, Jessies cousin Michelle lives in Adelaide and we had the opportunity to visit her and catch up (7 years since we saw each other last time!! ) Michelle & Steve - Thanks ...

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Australia » Nullarbor Road from Perth to Adelaide

2011-12-22 ( Thursday ) 02:20:48 GMT+1

It is time for the Golden Trio to get back together again!! The goal is to be together for Xmas! So we (Andrew and Jessie) had to figure out a way to get to Melbourne - only 3000km approximately : ) Since we didnt really know when we would go, we couldnt by the tickets while they were still cheap... and most of the Aussie people ...

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Australia » Goodbye Perth

2011-12-22 ( Thursday ) 01:14:30 GMT+1

We have been in Australia about a month... ...after Monkey Mia, we spent most of this time in Perth and Fremantle! And it has been a lovely time... after getting used to the prices, we enjoyed Western Australia (WA) very much!! We even liked it so much, that its sad to leave... :( Well, that is the hard part with travelling... you visit so many nice ...

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Australia » Another day of volunteering

2011-12-21 ( Wednesday ) 00:10:50 GMT+1

As you aldready know, during our stay in Perth, we did some volunteering for the ISAF Sailing World Championships. We had pictures from the opening ceremony in a previous post... Andrzej worked in a boat park, and Jessie in the meet and greet team, in an Athlete village. We also helped out in another boat park, and we have now gathered some pics from a day ...

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Australia » Rottnest Island

2011-12-19 ( Monday ) 02:57:57 GMT+1

At first, we wanted to skip Rottnest Island, just outside Perth, but the locals convinced us – “Margret River and Rottnest Island is something you HAVE to see” : ) The Tuesday offer on ‘My Rotto’ made our decision! With half price of the ferry tickets and borrowed bikes from Shirley, we were definitely going! The night before, it was raining like never before.. but we ...

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Australia » Polish Dancing & Happy B-day Michal Zdanowicz :)

2011-12-13 ( Tuesday ) 16:23:30 GMT+1

Michal Zdanowicz – the guy we met In Perth when we first arrived here (and turned out to be the childhood neighbours son of Jessie’s mothers and aunts) – invited us to the Polish Club, for a show where groups were dancing all the Polish national dances. He was one of the dancers (in these traditional costums!), and it was a little birthday celebration as well! ...

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Australia » Margaret River

2011-12-13 ( Tuesday ) 14:01:17 GMT+1

An awesome weekend ! That is what we have had! : ) We decided to rent a car together with Malin and Jasmin – two Swedish girls, whom we met on the cocktail party we helped out with, for the Swedish athletes on the Sailing Event. We wanted to go somewhere for the weekend (our last weekend in Western Australia), which was a pretty spontaneous decision ...

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Australia » Perth & Fremantle :)

2011-12-02 ( Friday ) 17:45:29 GMT+1

So we came bake to Perth... now without Magda.... and it sucked! :( We left her at the airport and drove back to the city (sleeping in the car that night) and sat quite pretty much the whole evening... it was strange and empty... But on a journey like that, things change all the time, and we have to adjust to it to survive, so we ...

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