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Australia » Margaret River

2011-12-13 ( Tuesday ) 14:01:17 GMT+1

An awesome weekend ! That is what we have had! : ) We decided to rent a car together with Malin and Jasmin – two Swedish girls, whom we met on the cocktail party we helped out with, for the Swedish athletes on the Sailing Event. We wanted to go somewhere for the weekend (our last weekend in Western Australia), which was a pretty spontaneous decision and on Friday, the girls went to the Vistors Centre to make a fast deal ; ) 20 hours and a couple of dollars later, we were in the car driving down to Margaret River. With a picnic and a great attitude, we were heading down south to visit the famous vineyards. On the way, we stopped to have a morning walk on the jetty in Busselton, almost 2 km out in the sea (!). Beautiful place!

Once in Margaret River, we did wine tasting in 3 different vineyards (Xanadu, xx and Leewoin), and enjoyed the nice views and the special feeling you get in places like that. We got some take away Fish&Chips for dinner and water melon for dessert, and sat down on the beach with the view over the Indian Ocean, great music in the background, and the sun shining. Did we have one of the “this iiiis liiiiife” moments? Yes, indeed! : )
Before we left Perth, we managed to contact Luke via CouchSurfing.com, who offered not his couch, but camping spot! : ) We managed to get to the Conto camping spot before it got dark to met up with Luke and Simon, and get settled with our tent. We actually got the tent from a house mate, and we weren’t sure until the last minute, if it’s gonna work – but it did work out fine! It was a very nice camping spot, since it wasn’t all settled and prepared like usual, it was just nature like it is itself – nothing more, nothing less! Thanks for a nice evening, guys!

On the way to Contos, we were complaining about not seeing any wild kangaroos, and Jasmin made it to her mission – show us some kangaroos! She sat there, looking through the window all the way. And guess what – she succeeded BIG time! We say plenty of them! And we actually drove into the field where they were and got very close, they weren’t afraid at all… So there we were, us watching them, and them watching us. A very nice experience, as a typical tourist we sometimes are! : ) They were actually playing with each other, even though it looks like they are seriously fighting – awesome! : )

We went down to the beach in the morning, which was amazing! So beautiful! The sand, the colour of the water, and the waves! So big – perfect for the surfers! The boys were fishing and we enjoying another meal on the beach with another “this is life” moment! : ) We were working our way up, through a couple of more vineyards, trying some incredible wines… they know what they are doing, that’s for sure! We had a couple of short stops at the chocolate factory, the cheese factory, and the famous bakery, and ended our visit with a “last meal” on Meelop beach.
We had fun, we enjoyed, and we returned satisfied! It is how it should be! : )



Tanya Toronto
That is one crazy looking cow.
aha, a świstak siedzi i zawija je w te sreberka ;) Bosko tam u Was!
no na ogonie,ale czad,a Ty w powietrzu bez nog taka piekna :) Buziaki
Ja, det blev manga bilder denna helgen! :) :)
Fina bilder!!
Widoki przepiękne,a kangury rzeczywiście niesamowite. Jessie wyglądasz cudnie na tle oceanu. Zdjęcie nr 97 bardzo mi się podoba. Jędrek jaka powaga przy degustacji wina. Super.Sciskam Was mocno.
@ Eliza - on stoi na ogonie ! To jest dopiero niesamowite! :) :) :) BAAARDZO udany weekend! :) :)
Piekne zdjecia,bardzo mi sie podobaja te kanury,jeden nawet na jednej nodze sobie stal :) a Ty Sisku na tych torach hihi super-ale bez przesady kochana,uwazaj na siebie i ten ocean :),camping :) widoki i wy wszyscy-pieknie poprostu pieknie.Pozdrawiam Was serdecznie

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