Some random questions to keep it short

I feel like on these trainings or lectures when you meet for the first time and everyone is supposed to stand up and say something about themselves. How creative are you in a moment like that? "Eee... my name is Jessie, Im 26 years old.. ee.. I am a bicultural person from Sweden with Polish parents.. favorite color is blue... thank you"... boooooring! BUT, basic and useful.

And now when that is said, I picked some random questions to keep it short:

What have you done in life that you are most proud of? I’ve learned to be independent.

What makes you happy? As my cousin says... small things!

Do you sing while having a bath? I cannot do that to the neighbours... and my own ears...

What are you grateful for? Having the greatest backup ever here in life... namely my family.

Do you eat meat? Definitely! I eat a lot... in terms of different things AND volume!

What is the first thing you’d change if you were "in charge of the world"? All citizens would go to a new kind of army - 1 month working in a hospital, 1 month working in a restaurant, and one month working their ass off in any other field. To get some understanding for each other in the society we live in.

Favorite book? All books based on a true story...

Do you think that you turned out more like your parents than you would’ve expected? Big time... they say that I am a copy of my dad... haha... but I can live with that! The question is if anyone else can J

What did you most get into trouble for when you were younger? For being too honest... still have the same problem... Same same, but different!

What was your nickname in school? Pinche, Twiga (giraffe in swahili), Zoey, Jess - in that order.

What is your energy source? The S.U.N!

What is the most serious life changing event in your life? This trip will probably be, since I am going around the world to figure out where I want to come back...
Serwis Ford
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