Hi everyone!

I am really glad that you ve decided to take a look at my profile and maybe find out why I decided to leave my comfortable and secure way of life for a while ;)

This is my first (hopefully not the last) backpacking trip, can’t even imagine how excited I am! It wasn’t easy decision since the trip gonna be long and really challenging, but I believe it is the right time to go and experience something completely different and learn new things with people I trust and respect.

My good friend once told me that introducing me should be made shortly with "Meet Magda and her ambitions" - that was so true. It shows up in almost everything I do. Sometimes it works against me but I believe it did help me with fighting all doubts whether to go or not. So here I am ;)

Each of us has slightly different expectations about the results of this trip and what we gonna do "after" and I think that is really cool. It makes it even more exciting and meaningful. I wish myself to find few answers to my life questions. What next? Where? How? Trust me even smallest tips on the sky will be taken under consideration. This is my time to know better myself and im gonna appreciate every moment of it.

I wouldn’t be part of this trip without support I get from my family so I have to place here something in Polish: Kochani, dziękuję Wam za wyrozumiałość, cierpliwość i wsparcie. Wam zawdzięczam udział w tej wyprawie. Done ;)

Ok, so if I had to spontaneously describe myself in just few words it would go as follow: passionate dance, sweets-addicted, crazy faces, strongest weapon - smile and dreadfully afraid of spiders

That’s me ;)

Serwis Ford
Hotel Spa nad morzem