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Peru » Machu Picchu

2012-04-26 ( Thursday ) 18:05:54 GMT+1

We will try to keep it short, but it will be hard! 4 days and 3 nights with so many cool things, and so much going on!

We left Cusco at 6 am, and after some driving we reached the point where we jumped from a warm and comfy mini-van, to freezing cold mountain bikes : ) It shouldn’t have been a surprise actually, since we were on ap. 4300m above the sea level (!).

50 km later, we knew that we had people from all over the world in our group – Holland, England, Ireland, Denmark, Norway, Israel, and us from Poland and Sweden! Hugo, our guide, represented Peru in our international mix, and he introduced us to a big part of the Peruvian culture during these days.
We had lunch in Santa Maria, all soaking wet after biking in the rain on the way down, now on ap. 1200m. After lunch, it was time to get into the jungle! We spent the night at a local family’s house, in the middle of banana trees and coca plant – we all slept like babies!

On day no. 2, we started our real trekking in the Inca Jungle. Everything from coffee, to avocado, through bananas, mangos, coca plantation, to passion fruit (and a scorpion in Andy’s pants!). We also did one part of the famous Inca Trail, which was cool to see. After the second part of the trekking, and a “jungle cable-car”, we arrived to the hot springs! Awesome thing after 7-8 hours of walking!! After dinner and some card games in Santa Teresa, we passed out again! : )

We started our third day with a new adventure – Zip lining!
We tried the Tarzan experience, by riding down from one mountain to another – another cool experience! We then walked on the rails where people usually take the train to get to Machu Picchu, and arrived to Aguas Calientes, where we spent the last night.

It was pretty short night, since we woke up at 4 the next morning, to climb our way up to the forgotten city of Machu Picchu… Still trying to catch our breath after the walk up, we started the tour, and Hugo showed us everything about the Inca people who once lived there, during sunrise – beautiful!

In the evening, we got on the train, and then arrived by bus to Cusco again… and I guess most of actually fainted to bed that night! : ) It was worth it though!!!

Hugo, Ori, Tom, Liad, Gal, Daniel, Maria, Jessica, Sophie, Siobhan, Debbie, Kay, James, Mauri, Lior – See you guys again someday! : ) : )



Yes, it was a cool city :) We are in Mendoza right now, another nice place! Leaving to Santiago tomorrow!!! :) :) Enjoy it back home and come over to Gothenburg whenever you feel like it :)
Yep, back home already, and longing for travel, vacation and South America.. You're in Buenos Aires now? It's an amazing city. And enormous! Check out park Rosedal - very beautiful, and if you have the opportunity you should go and see Fernandez Fierro - a really great tango/rock orchestra - I think they play at a nice place in San Telmo.. And of course just enjoy the wonderful Buenos Aires spirits in general, it's an amazing city! :)
Maria!!! Hey! :) Oh yes, Bolivia ROCKS!!! And Argentina is amazing as well !!! :):) Where are you now?? Back home already?? See you, neighbour! :)
Jessica and Andy, was really great to re-experience the amazing Machu Picchu trip through your wonderful photos! Hope you've had a great time in Bolivia and Argentina as well! Enjoy the rest of your journey :) And see you back in Europe! Maria.
Magnus / Patri / (Leon)
Wicked pics!!
love the pics hunnnnn :D see you sooooonnnnn
Super wyprawa.Piękne zdjęcia.Spotkanie z lamą bardzo mi się podobało.

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