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New Zealand » North Island

2012-03-14 ( Wednesday ) 09:38:45 GMT+1

We waved Magda off, and started the research about the North Island of New Zealand. After getting wet a couple of nights in a raw on the south island, it was time to be honest with ourselves and give up the idea with the little tent – the weather wasn’t good enough (not the tent : ) )! We were decided for a car with the possibility to sleep inside… and we were open for every option as always. Wellington surprised us though, since there is no possibility to hire a camper from that city (which is very weird from the clients point of view, but very logic from the business’s point of view). Another decision resulted in a bus drive over the night, up to Auckland. We thought we had this long, f***g pain in the ass drives behind us when we left Asia…but no, that wasn’t the case : ) Anyway, in Auckland we got informed that it is a very busy moment and the only option left for us is a proper campervan, a JUCY van. The fact that we had no choice made it easier to pay for it, but it was HARD… Our spontaneous way of travelling has its dark sides some times as well. But in general, it works out fine, so we will stay on that track : )

We had a nicer car, and decided to simply do a smaller loop, to have some time to actually breath and be outside the car as well. It was a good decision! Not so much driving, more relaxing, and lot of cooking on our own.

We went to a cave (Waitomo Cave) we have been told about on our way, where you can find the glow warms, small insects with their buts shining : ) Imagine you are in complete darkness, and the stars and the sky is a lot closer to you… that’s what you experience in the caves! Really cool! The cave itself was really beautiful. Unfortunately, we were not allowed to take pictures.

We also spent some time in a little city called Taupo, with a big lake, the famous Huka falls, hot springs, AND a big free camping spot for tourists, very close to the city! Very nice place. The only thing that all the free camp spots doesn’t have, is showers… so the rivers, lakes, and streams on the way are appreciated! Can you imagine when we saw a waterfall in the morning? “YES! Todays shower is sorted”! And can you imagine our faces when we went into the water and felt that the water is HOT! Yupp…that’s the natural hot springs in New Zealand… amazing! HOT water in a natural waterfall… that’s just too good to be true…bring the shampoo! : ) The water had 40.6 degrees… it took a while to get used to it, but it was heaven !

One night, we couldn’t find a free spot, and a family who lived on a farm allowed us to stay on their land. That was a new experience as well. Sleeping with the cows outside the car! Getting out from the car meant facing a cow, they were as surprised as us due to the situation : )

Back in Auckland, there is an event in town – the Volvo Ocean Race, which we’ve been enjoying. We also kept our word when it comes to the green mussels. We had to try them! Where did we go? Straight to the fish market! They were actually good! They are famous for a reason, huh? : )
We are now done with New Zealand, and we are getting ready for the next level of our trip – USA!

And hey, we got our tickets to Latin America !!!!!!!!!! 3 months left, and soooo much to do. Keep your fingers crossed and send us your energy! : )



Super, to kiedy ujrze wasze mordki? ;P
petra lövgren
Jessie & Jedrek
Madzik - jestesmy juz u Karoliny, jest super! Wlasnie wybieramy sie na miasto na zwiedzanie :) :)
Its 2:23 pm and u r getting far far away from me.... ;( let me know when u arrive! Say hello to Karolina :)
If I hadn't told adios on the North Island, I would still believe you r on the South one ;P nice pics! Juci must ve been really comfortable and you ve tried mussels!!!!!
pieknie,poprostu pieknie-Szczesliwej drogi i duzo nowych przygod :) BUZIAKI

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