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New Zealand » South Island - done!

2012-03-03 ( Saturday ) 00:48:41 GMT+1

We enjoyed, we loved it, we had to leave it…but we will never forg et it! A wonderful island, where we finished as a Golden Trio! We managed to stick to our initial plan that we had when we left Europe. Mission completed! Magda even managed to go further than planned, and joined us here on the south island!

The second part of the island was as stunning as the first!

From the Fiords, we returned to Queenstown, where the story from a couple of days earlier was repeating. It was raining like hell and we had everything wet! So another night at a hostel was required. Dry, warm, and happy again we started our way back up north… our destination that afternoon was Mt Cook. We were driving in beautiful nature and suddenly the landscape just “opened up” with a beautiful lake and mountains in the back… yupp! Another moment where the fatigue of nonstop traveling we sometimes feel (or the anger caused by a wet tent) just disappears, and we confirm to ourselves “this is why we do it”/”This is why we love it”! Have a look and you will understand! We walked up to the glacier, and saw parts of the ice falling down into the water .. a powerful moment!

On our way up the west coast, we drove through Christchurch, which still is damaged to a very high degree after the earth quakes, and the centre city is actually closed. We also stopped at hot springs, where the water was heated up naturally, up to 42 degrees. We met Marcin and Justyna and exchanged experiences over a beer. We sent them to Mt Cook, and they convinced us to go out on the sea to the dusky dolphins.

Jessie and Andrew decided to go – 5.30 in the morning and freaking cold, we jumped out from the tent and into a wetsuit. Still cold and still shaking, we were listening to the instructors with only one question in our mind – are we gonna jump into the sea? No f****g way! Well, we had a choice…. We could either watch the dolphins play around in the water, or we could actually jump into the water and play WITH THEM! The first sight of a dolphin increased out temperature and when the first dolphin interacted and swam with us, we forgot about everything!! What an experience!!

What we also forgot was that if you are spinning around in the water (with dolphins competing with you, you just go faster and faster), sooner or later it will make you sick : ) Don’t really know if it was the spinning dolphins or the wine from the night before : ) We met Dominika, Krzysiek, Szymon, and Grazyna on the camping spot (or the free little piece of grass where you are allowed to stay overnight). They invited us to their campervan, and a bit of wine, beers and vodka, together with some pancakes was enough to have our own little party in the middle of nowhere.

The last night, we slept in the car – not recommended – and jumped on the ferry back to the north island – higly recommended!

Back in Wellington it was time to say Goodbye… or See you later, as we prefer it! Magda is now back in Australia, and Jessie and Andrew is looking options on the North island…let’s see what we will figure out!



mnie tez troche bolalo jak musialam zostawic 25 dol tak po prostu, a najzabawniejsze jest to, ze Pani w okienku nie potrafila wytlumaczyc po co jest ta fee i dlaczego cos takiego stosuja... mozna uznac, ze NZ jest tego warta i tyle. Odezwijcie sie na maila to po moim powrocie umowimy sie na kawke, pozdrowionka!
i wlasnie odlatujemy lzejsi o 50 dolkow. Mieliscie racje, mozna placic karta. Buziaki
Justyna & Marcin
Fajnie, ze udało Wam się z delfinami! My wlasnie na lotnisku opuszczamy NZ. Powodzenia w dalszej podróży i do zobaczenia w Wawie!:)
przepieknie!!!!sciskam i Jess.... wiem ze zalegam z mailem:) sciskam
co za miejsce.-ZAPIERA DECH Z WRAZENIA pozdrawiam serdecznie
Widoki niesamowite, tylko pozazdrościć. Ściskam mocno.

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