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Australia » Magda and her another visit to Melbourne

2012-03-24 ( Saturday ) 11:40:31 GMT+1

Trust me...saying “goodbye” is not an easy thing to do when you've been spending 24/7 with two people for a couple of weeks or even months... Jessica and Andrzej continue on travelling, they are now checking what “the American dream” really means- if there is anything like that ; P- and I got back to Australia. Unfortunately Australia is in fact my last stop before going back home, but the good thing is that I can spend that time with my uncles and cousins who live in Melbourne. They are taking care of the entertaining part of my visit while I am doing some “volunteering” again ; )... Rediscovering Melbourne includes so many different types of activities and there is still not enough time to see everything.... My cousin Kevin with his wife and 2 years old son, they took me to see the real animal kindom in the Melbourne Zoo. My cousin Tamara and her family showed me some really nice places including William Ricketts Sanctuary and SkyHigh in Dandenong. The summer in Melbourne can be really hot so one of the way to cool down a bit is ... ice-skating! That is what we tried as well and it was really fun! My another cousin Jarek took me out for a ride around the city so I had a chance to see the big city life.... and of course during my whole stay here my both uncles are taking care of me... so imagine how lucky I am having all of them here in Melbourne!!! : ) Feel like I am home...

Another good side of my return was a chance to see again Bobby (thank You for visiting us every day here on the blog : )), Martin & Emily (they are expecting a baby in a couple of days so CONGRATULATIONS in advance guys!!!!), Gosia and Stanislaw (our friends from Tasmania). I look forward to see you again this year in Poland : )

So as you can see, my travelling is getting to the end but there are many positive sides about coming back... : ) Thank You All for your time, hospitability and support! You' ve already made my another stay in Melbourne!!!

Now wait for 209 day.... ;)



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