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Singapore » MOVEMBER - Mustache idea !

2011-11-14 ( Monday ) 03:18:39 GMT+1

While traveling and meeting so many new people, we get to know all kinds of interesting information. In Kuala Lumpur our second host - Daniel - introduced himself and appologised for his mustache which raised some questions from our side. November is the month where Cancer is highligted and there is this idea with man letting their mustache grow for the entire month. They are shaving the rest, every sunday, and updating with a picture on the website. With this they believe that they can increase the awareness of charity. We don't know if it works, but Andrzej decided to give it a try. Doing it while traveling seems like a good idea!

Magda and Jessie promissed to support him - and we promised that we will TRY not to laugh at him on sundays when he is shaving everything exept mustache....(HAHA!) - it is hard and he already got the nickname GONZO!

From the two words November and Mustache they created the website MOVEMBER - check it out!

Now you would understand why he looks like he does - pretty :) !



Hurra.Bez wąsów lepiej.Dużo lepiej.
WRESZCIE!!!! wygladales tragicznie-przepraszam za szczerosc :)
FINALLY - haha! we said goodbye to Gonzo, once and for all!
Ten wąs to był wstrząs! Teraz bez wąsa, a mną cały czas wstrząsa! Znacznie lepiej ;)
Aaaaaa Gonzo is gone!
Message from Daniel: "Tomorrow is the last day of Movember so we have a night organised in a bar here and all my friends that are involved are having there Moustache's shaved off infront of everyone. There will be lots of pictures, so if you can do me a favour and take some of Andrzej's shaving his is that would be amazing."
I will shave in 2 days :):):) Or should I leave it like that...? :)
No padłem… i to dwa razy :D:D:D:D:D:D:D
And here it is - HAHAH! :) :) :) Check out the website movember.com :) It is a nice idea actually!
Kolejna niedziela... HAHHAA .. zaraz sie bedzie golil.... najgorzej ! :)
Ładny wąsik. Mnie się podoba.Buziaki
Hehe. Mistrz! Jędri już nie mogę się doczekać kolejnej niedzieli! :-)))
Jedras idź na całość i nie gol wąsów przez rok :)
Respekt!!! absolut , men hahahahahaha förlåt HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
GONZO?????????? hahahahhahaha!!!!! Andrew i jego pociągający wąsik :P
Gonzo - Mexican macho arrested for smuggling drugs and brutal murder :-)
Tanya Toronto
Hahaha. That's great. People do it here too in Canada ;)
Im trying not to laugh....but HAHAHAHAH! :) :) :) No, honestly - respect to you! :)
Let me introduce GONZOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! :)))))

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