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United States » Washington DC

2012-06-11 ( Monday ) 06:46:45 GMT+1

Staying in one place for 9 days was exactly what we needed, and it was perfect! But it was time to move on! :)

The tempo is back and we are back...on track again! Two days in Washington DC!!

It was two very intense days, with a LOT of walking :) It is a great city, where you can actually walk around to all the high lights. We stayed with a couchsurfer, Sam, who lived very close as well, and he recommended us to start with the litle fish market, and so we did! Wonderful people, and even more wonderful sea food :)

Monuments and nice views on the way to the White House, where we met Kuba, a Polish guy visiting his brother Jan in DC for a couple of days as well :) All we needed was a common language, and a while later we had lunch and beer together! :) We had some nice food together with Sams friends as well as a nice ending of the day.

The second day, we visited a couple of the famous museums of Washington; Air and Space, The Art Gallery, and the American History museum... All of them very interesting, and really cool ! All for free and very interactive. We also went to the Cannon where all congress men has their offices and where the decisions are made ;) It was a really nice experience - Jan worked there before so he showed us around and told us about the little community ;)

Washington DC actually surprised us and we are very happy that we went there!

Now - BOSTON, together with an old firend from Uni back in Warsaw! :) :) :)



JA, tiden springer mot ett slut nu, men vi ser verkligen fins stallen ! Det ar inte over AN :)
vilka häftiga platser du är på och glassbilen var söt hahaha kram

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