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Poland » From Magda: Welcome BACK to EUROPE!!

2012-06-22 ( Friday ) 16:36:09 GMT+1

Guys! Now you are in the place where it has all been started... it's so good to know you are back in Europe! Not home yet but still not so far away...

I couldn't manage to meet you up and celebrate the end in a "London way"... so I'm sending You photo tips what should be "ckecked" on your list while hanging around next two days before scoreing 300 days of travelling!

Good job and I cant wait to hug You BOTH!!!

Have fun and enjoy the last moments before coming home. We are all waiting for YOU!!

Magda :)

ps. Say HI to Biggy ;)



300 :):):) wreszcie w domu :):):)
YOU did IT!!! 300 days!!! CONGRATS!!!
300. :):):):):) Hip hip hurra.
299 :):):):):):):):):):):):):)
Jessie & Jedrek
Magda - Thank you so much! :) It feels weird to be back in the place were we started.. But its nice... we are ending it in exactly the same way as we started...we met and we are saying "see you later" at the same place in the middle of Picadilly Circus, next to the fountain... Right now, we are fighting with the jetlag and mixed feelings.... so Guinnes is the only thing we will actually "check" Im afraid :) :) Thank you again!

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