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United States » New York City !!!

2012-06-22 ( Friday ) 15:42:50 GMT+1

New York City - the capital of the world, they say!

To start with, Jessie's friend from Warsaw - Ania - waited for us in NYC! It was a big meeting after so many months - the first person from back home since we left :)

After a quick shower and change before Ania's check out (still using every opportuiny :) ), and a lunch at Times Square, we met up with our friends from Boston - (another) Ania and Argenis!! :) :)

We checked in for the night at a proper HOTEL, which is unusal for us, haha :) Of course, number of people who checked in: 2, number of people who actually stayed: 5 :) :)

We started with a beautiful view from the Rockefeller centre, to have a picture of how big Manhattan and the rest of the city actually is. And a couple of drinks (and Macaroni&cheese) later, we were back on the streets of NYC again! To see Time Square at night is a must, although it is as bright as is it in the middle of the day due to all the screens etc.

Sunday is the day for BRUNCH, so we went to a recommended place (thank you Nima and Andy) - food and unlimited drinks! The party started at noon, and ended up in the famous Central Park!! :)

We said goodbye, or rather "C U Later" to Ania and Argenis, and we moved to Brooklyn! To NICOLE, a friends friend (thank you Andy :) )! We stayed 3 nights with Nikki, and we had an awesome time! Once again, TKANKS a lot Nikki! :)

To see EVERYTHING, we were litterly walking ALL DAY LONG... the Satute of Liberty, Ellis Island, the "Bull", Wall street, the Brooklyn Bridge, Little Italy, Chinatown, Soho, the Green Village, the High Line... you name it!! :) :) :)

Moreover, we had the opportunity to try Texas style smoked beef at Nikki's firend's place - delicious!! And we ended our day with a stunning view of the city from the roof top of his building!!

One thing we didn't manage to do during our walking-all-around days was to sit down on one of the side walks, in a reastaurant/bar/cafe to just enjoy the feeling of this city! So of course, that is what we did right before we left to JFK Airport. A last glas of wine with Ania on the side walk in the middle of New York!

A cool stay in a cool city with cool people!!

GUYS.. It is now time to close our loop around the world !!! Aaaaaaah! London, here we come!



Cudnie sie bylo z Wami zobaczyc!!!! fantastyczne spotkanie, super wyjazd i przepiekne zdjecia!!!. sciskam z "zaplakanego"Amsterdamu. Ps. Przewodnik potrzebuje mapy!!!!! ;)
Zdjęcia nocne piękne.Jest jakaś magia w NYC.Buziaki i do zobaczenia.
Piekne miasto, zyjece cala dobe i jaka radocha ze sie spotkaliscie z Ania :) pozdrawiam Was i Anie bardzo serdecznie i DO DOMU JUZ CZAS

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