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India » Goa

2011-09-05 ( Monday ) 16:18:08 GMT+1

On Sunday we joined a bowling competition between different companies in Mumbai with our hosts Amrish and Vishal. Andrzej had to jump in since they were one man short, and he rocked! He helped their company a lot... at least in the first round ;)

In the afternoon we decided to go to Goa one day earlier, not to loose time. We will try to get back on 9th to Mumbai again to do some typical sightseeing. The last couple of days we have been absorbing the Indian world... it is wicked! The people are very curious and nice. We are taking pics of them, and they are taking pics of us, which is pretty fun. A pic exchange... and both sides will show their pics like "look at this 'strange' people" ! But it is in a very positive way, so its ok! Or "Tike" as you say here!

We have noticed that he Indian people are in NO rush what so ever! We were thinking "look at them, they are missing so much time on nothing", but then on the other hand "look at Europeans, trying to catch every minute of their lives which ends up in a heart attack"... like everything else... it has both good and bad sides... It is chocking for us to see all these people living on the street, and face the poverty.. but we are surprised by the positive attitude among Indians... you don't need much to be happy, and it doesn't take much to be a good person, (right Vishal? :) )

People not in a hurry is noticed when it comes to the arriving time as well... we were waiting for the bus for a while, completely convinced that we have missed it.. but no, everything takes its little time. We were told that it will be this fine bus with seats that we can fell down, to sleep... Indeed, it was a sleeping bus... but an Indian style sleeping bus - we were surprised again! But we had no choice... We decided to stay together - we ride together, we die together - so the 3 of us, and our 3 biiig backpacks and 3 small bags in one 2person "bed"... HAHAHA! We are getting used to sleep almost on each other, and saying "you move you left leg a bit, and I ll put my arm in there, so we can change position!". Anyhow...after almost 15 HOURS we arrived! Wohhooooo! Thirsty, hungry, without any sleep, and a desperate need to pi we were looking for a place to stay.. our backpacks are HEAVY, we can tell you that!

We are now in Panaji, staying here for the night, and going to a beach tomorrow to enjoy the rain in another way! ;) We will stay there for 2 days and take the bus, this time with seats...hopefully... on 8th, Thursday. Keep your fingers crossed for our trip back to Mumbai!



Czekam na międzykulturowe przygody
Piętrowe łóżka = wizytówka Indii... komfort podróży gwarantowany :)
Takie autobusy powinny jeździć u nas na wycieczkach szkolnych :)
Kochani,jedzonko na fotkach wygląda boooosko. Skoro mnie tam nie ma to macie się za mnie najeść po wszystkie czasy chlebków naaan też - bo jak stracicie taką okazję to nie wybacze :)
Wow!! Looks like fun!! Love the bed-bus, hahahah! Must have been nice when taking the curves!
Sounds lovely guys!!

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