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Nepal » Kathmandu

2011-09-20 ( Tuesday ) 01:42:01 GMT+1

Nepal is the perfect place to do some trekking so we have decided to go and say hello to the nature and the mountains. Since we are all amateurs in trekking, we have chosen a 5 days option that is said to be enough to go and see the Langtang region. In order to make it as safe as possible we are going with a local guide. We heard a lot of good things about this destinations, so we can’t wait to go there.

Tomorrow we are going by bus to the place where we are supposed to start next day. We will be walking around 5-6 h per day and we are going to spend the nights in guest houses on the way. Since we heard that taking a shower in such places cost 5$ (!!), we can forget about washing ourselves for the next couple of days. That’s what you call pure nature! Basically the only thing we are worried about is whether we can handle walking so many hours a day and if the route is good for us, so keep your fingers crossed for us. We will be back again in Kathmandu on 26th, so hopefully you can expect some nice photos then.

See you in a week, here on the blog!


Bravo for Jess ;) she is our writting maniac here :)
this is your teacher again, I wonder who is writing all these infos, as the language used plus the vocabulary is very good, anyway I have been thinking of you-how you are doing and am following your successes, keep healthy
Ewa Mądraszek
Kochani! Oczywiście, że trzymamy za Was kciuki! A o pogodę się nie martwcie - juz zamowilismy tam na górze ;) Powodzenia!!!
Sounds great - the non-shower part included, hahah!! Looking forward to the pictures and the stories!!! Have fuuuuunnnn in the mountains :))))
Wow !! Amazing --- Great going Well I have booked your train tickets from NEW JALPAIGURI at 06:25 Hours (1st October 2011) and reaches HOWRAH JN (Kolkatta) the same day at 16:30 Hours (1st October2011) It's in Sleeper Class - Tickets are confirmed have mailed you the attachment to take the print out. Coach No.S1 Seat No. 49,50,52 Train No. 03068 Train Name: NJP HWH Special PNR-Number: 620-1563316
Wow !! niesamowita przygoda :)
Powodzenia! Zdjęcia, zdjęcia, zdjęcia! :D
Ajjj cudownie!!! Czekam na fotorelacje! Powodzenia
Super ZDOBYWAJECIE HIMALAJE!!! robcie zdjecia,ale uwazajcie na siebie. Mam nadzieje,ze odciskow za duzo nie bedzie :) buziaki dla odwaznej trojeczki :)

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