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India » Last day in Mumbai

2011-09-13 ( Tuesday ) 16:00:18 GMT+1

On our last day in Mumbai, we stayed at Niharikas place. We were very lucky, since she organized a party at her place the same night. We enjoyed some Indian rome, meals and music - we even had some italian food and a delicious cheesecake!! :) We even had a lesson in "Indian moves" :) It was nice to meet you all! :) :) See you again some day!

(Pics as soon as we will get a proper net connection :) )



dolaczam sie do kometarza Arka hahahaha Madziu nauczylas ich tanczyc po "naszemu" ? ,ale cos Jedrka w tancu nie widze :) POZDRAWIAM
Way to go on the Indian dancing Magda ;)
Andrew, uważaj na faceta w pidżamie, miś przytulak z niego...:)
se till att visa oss "indian moves" nar du kommer hem :)

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