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Sweden » Indian Visa

2011-08-08 ( Monday ) 01:51:06 GMT+1

I have now received my Visa – Thank you, India! I am waiting for Magda and Andrzej to receive theirs – it seems like the procedure is a bit easier in Warsaw, than in Gothenburg. I’ll tell you how it works here:

I had to fill out and print a detailed form on the Internet, put it together with a proof of the transaction (650 SEK) and my passport in an envelope. Additionally I had to put another envelope with stamps, my own address and everything ready for an registered letter that returned to me later. The address that I sent everything to was something like this: TT Services Mailbox: XX Stockholm.

Did my hands shake a little bit when I posted my passport to some strange address (with the knowledge that I will probably not have time to get a new one if something happened)? Yupp! But I had no choice…and it worked!! My first visa – done!




We have just checked that our visas are waiting for us in embassy so everything is done according to the plan! Watch out India!!! 19 days! :)

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