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Thailand » Bangkok - arrived, stayed and leaving..

2011-10-09 ( Sunday ) 11:20:28 GMT+1

The way from India to Thailand was another crazy experience... We woke up earlier since the experience from the days before learned us that it could be hard to catch a cab for the couple of kilometers we had to the airport. There was another festival going on and it was almost impossible to get a taxi, rikshaw or a room. We were walking around with our big backpacks for 4 hours to find a place to sleep… it was just crazy!!!

Anyway, we reached the airport.. which didn’t make the best impression on us, and we waited for the flight do Bangladesh. When the transfer bus finally stopped in front of the little plain, we just opened our mouths… and when getting inside, our mouths were closed but our faces where really white somehow. It was a small little plain from the 70’s, 80’s and with no improvement since then! We were wondering why the hell we should put the seatbelts on, since the whole seat was moving!? The emergency exits were closed with some kind of old yellow glue. The place where the AC is supposed to sit, was just a black hole with water dripping down on us. The life west where on the right place but we got the impression that they were used a couple of times! : ) And to make it complete, we are not sure whether the “a la” plain even contained oxygen masks : ) We got surprised that the machine actually worked…. Not mentioning flying !!! It was a very long 50 min flight! : ) : )

We spent 4 hours on the airport in Dhaka, Bangladesh and finally arrived in Bangkok, Thailand, in the evening, where Fai was waiting for us. It was a different world, with this modern high technology all over the place. We got our first Thai meal, completely trusting Fai, since the Thai language is as hard as the Hindi language for us to understand : )
We came to Fai’s apartment and just felt relief… we will be able to get some rest here… it is quiet, there are clean sheets!! The place is just awesome!!!! The first day, we just stayed at home, hugging the wash machine, smiling to the monitor, eating and just doing nothing! We just went to the supermarket in the evening – like kids in a candy shop! OW, bread! Look, phiadelphia, butter, cheese!! Wuua, chocolate! UUU, ice cream!! Beeer! You would have had a good laugh if you would see us! HAHA! The next day, our fancy-resting-phase was still going on, and we started the day in the swimming pool !! Nice!! : ) : )

AT THIS MOMENT, WE WOULD REALLY LIKE TO THANK YOU, FAI !!! Your help and place came down from heaven to us ! We really needed it, and we are fully recovered : ) Thanks to you!!! : )

We were now ready to face Bangkok! During these days, we have been trying some local food, walking on the streets and markets. We have seen the five shopping malls next to each other (!!!!) where we got stuck on the food hall floors : ) We managed to do some typical sightseeing like enjoying temples, museums and Buddha in different positions!! : ) Magda and Andrzej even got a Thai hair cut! : ) The hairdresser are not used to male customers we recon! ; )

Also, we had the opportunity to join a Thai cooking session , which was great ! At the academy we learned how to do Massaman Curry Paste, and then Massaman Curry with chicken. We also did Papaya Salad – Som Tam and Stir-fried chicken with basil – Gai Pad Kra Pao. And for desert, we did Cocnout sticky rice with mango. The whole idea was remarkable and the food was soooo delicious it is hard to explain with words!! Don’t know if we would be able to repeat what we did though, haha! : ) It was definitely a great experience ! Highly recommended!

We are now heading down south, getting on the bus in a while!

Next: Trang (a 12 hour bus ride from BKK) !



ciocia Jessi Grazyna
Witam cala trojke i pozdrawiam. Fajnie byc z Wami bo tak czuje. Jessi z Twoja mama spedzilam cudowny czas. sciskam Was
Ciotka !!! Witam w kopmentarzach! Cos czuje ze mama moja byla u Ciebie ! :) :) Bardzo sie ciesze ze ogladasz nasza strone ! I nas sledzisz na mapie palcem!!! :) :) :) Super! Duzy buziak dla Ciebie!
Grazyna ciocia Jessi
Ogladam Wasze zdjecia, to duza przyjemnosc, sledze Wasze losy od chwili startu, trzymam kciuki na dalej. Jestescie wspanialymi mlodymi ludzmi. Bardzo serdecznie Was pozdrawiam. Jessi Ciebie wyjatkowo tule do serca.
We celebrated it on Phi Phi ;)
Awesome---So happy for you guys Did you guys go to Samui Full Moon Party
Bardzo sie cieszymy z Waszego spotkania :) wybraliscie super miejsce! Sciskamy Was mocno :*
U Fukiera było bardzo fajnie.Grzane wino i atmosfera tego miejsca extra. Poplotkowaliśmy troszkę o Was. Wszyscy jesteśmy pełni podziwu dla Waszych poczynań.Tak trzymać. Sciskam mocno.
mamma Kiki
Pozdrawiam wszystkich. Za godzine ide spotkac sie ze wszystkimi rodzicami na piwku na Starym Miescie. Calusy
the food loks amazing, im expecting a dinner when u get back :D:D
Hi guys, was nice to meet you all at the Bangkok Thai cookery school! Have a fun on your travels! Jerry and Johnathan
Drodzy, dziekujemy Wam za wszystkie posty, jest nam niezmiernie milo, ze sledzicie nasze poczynania i relacje... Kazdy wpis jest dla nas wazny i chcielibysmy wiedziec kto jest autorem kazdego komentarza, dlatego prosimy Was o bardziej czytelne podpisywanie sie :))) DZIEKUJEMY! :)
I'm with you!!!!! maybe little writing but always thinking!!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE :):):)
Kochana przesylamy pozdrowienia dla waszej trójki, cala rodzinka sledzi twoja podróz:) buziaczki
I will remain in shadow today
Ogłaszam konkurs! Kim jest U1? Przewidziana nagroda... Ja wiem ;)
@U1 - dalej nie wiemy kim jestes :)
@U1 - dalej nie wiem kim jestes :)
@ Pani JZ - tez mam nadzieje ze juz dosc "crazy experiences" :) :) A okulary byly super, haha ! Tylko w glowie sie kreci jak sie patrzy na osobe z takimi okularami :) Jedrek i Madzia dlugo by ze mna nie wytrzymali :) :)
@ Ula - Super! Bardzo sie ciesze! DUZE BUZIAKI dla dziadkow!!!!! :) :) :) I pozdrowienia dla calej rodziny !
Ula Mroczek
Od początku śledzę Waszą podróż,mocno trzymam kciuki, całuję i pozdrawiam Wszystkich Ula PS jutro pokażę zdjęcia Babci i Dziadkowi
Mam nadzieję,że wszystkie/ no może prawie wszystkie / "crazy experience" już za Wami.Cieszę się,że Bangkog okazał się dobrym antidotum na dotychczasowe przeżycia i wszelkie trudy podróży. Cooking session extra. Jedzonko wygląda niezwykle apetycznie- rozkosz dla podniebienia i żołądka. Sciskam Was mocno,waszystkich razem i każdego z osobna. Jessie:zdjęcie nr 15 jest mega.Ile razy spojrzę od razu się uśmiecham.Buziaki.
Just bookmarking :)
Otwieram piwo i lecę do kuchni.
Aww..the pleasure was all mine. ^_^ It was so nice to welcome you all here and learn about your around-the-world adventure. Your blogs gave me an itch in my feet and your courageous spirits gave me an inspiration. Wishing you some sunshine and a nice, more comfy bus ride down to all the islands. Hope the rest of Thailand will also treat you well. xoxo
Awww!!! No good to look at these pictures on an empty stomach!! So cool that you got to cook all those dishes!! Please, please do not forget how to do them :)))) Big hugs guys!!!!
Ewa S. !!!!!
Ale smakolyki! razem z mama Wam zazdroscimy! :) buziaki
Jak sie ciesze te widze te szczesliwe usmiechy na waszych twarzach,zlapaliscie "oddech" kilka dni i ciesze sie ze Fai to taka kochana dziewczyna i pomogla wam w tym po tych przygodach w Indi i tej podrozy samolotem :) co Was ma jeszcze spotkac ? Na zdjeciach widze ze juz duzo kilogramow straciliscie ,to te pyszne kolorowe jedzonko bylo wam naprawde potrzebne.Mam nadzieje,ze nastepny autobus bedzie wygodniejszy :) Szczesliwej drogi kochani BUZIAKI

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