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Thailand » South Thailand: Krabi & Phi Phi

2011-10-16 ( Sunday ) 16:07:43 GMT+1

After week in Bangkok, it was right time to move accordingly to our plan, namely to the south, and find some nice place to chill out for couple of days. We got a night bus to Trang. At first we had been a bit afraid what to expect after our experience with local connections in India, but this bus was incomparable… clean, comfortable and with proper number of passengers ;) aaaaa and no shaking! :) In the early morning we arrived to Trang, from where we got another bus to Krabi. Our initial plan was to see as many islands but since the low season hasn’t been over yet, travelling by ferries between islands is very limited and expensive. Therefore, for our first destination we chose Phi Phi and Krabi is one of the places you can get there. We spent only one day in Krabi, but the time was full of nice things including scooter ride, oil massage and our first bucket (drinks served in real buckets- really famous on islands).

We were all very excited about Phi Phi. Jessica was there with her brother Magnus 7 years ago, straight after Tsunami. The island was completely devastated and only one hotel left. We heard it has developed since that time but we didn’t expect so that much…. The island is completely dominated by tourism no matter if the season is low or high so it has recovered extremely well. We found a cheap bungalow and started to enjoy the paradise. In general, you have two options for spending time on Phi Phi, either you can lay on the beach for the whole day or you can go for scuba- diving, snorkeling, even fishing or just take a longtail (a type of boat) and see islands nearby.

We just wanted to sit on the beach and relax, but as soon as the sun started killing us, we were looking for other options what to do on the islands except sunb(urning)… Since we were not so convinced about scuba-diving, we went for sightseeing trip including snorkeling. We saw the Monkey Beach- a tiny beach where tourists can watch some crazy monkeys. Unfortunately, when we came all monkey had hide somewhere and we couldn’t see any. After that we saw Wiking Cave and got 30 minutes for snorkeling. The place to do it was not something all of us had been expecting so after 15 minutes we moved on. Next they took us to the Maya Bay where the action of “The Beach” took place (yes- the one with Leonardo DiCaprio). Everything would be great except the fact that it was really hard to get from the boat on the land. We couldn’t get out of the water due to strong water stream and huge rough stones. The only help were the lines above our heads…. another adventure. We made it and really enjoyed the whole place and first of all- the lagoon blue water! When we got back to the boat, we jumped into the water for another 15 minutes of snorkeling and it was far way better since we could see a bit more than just Nemo fishes ;)

When it comes to night-life , people on Phi Phi know how to rock. Every night there is an amazing fire show on the beach. The hypnotizing performance with good dubstep and tech beat- unforgettable! When you are on the beach in the evening it is rather impossible not to be on the party, cause the beach clubs are next to each other and music is so loud that you can’t even hear your own thought. Basically, you don’t have to ask “where’s the party at?”… you can hear it from anywhere or just follow people with buckets.

The prices here are too high for us so it’s time to move somewhere else where we won’t be attacked with prices for tourists and we want to have any comparison with Phi Phi before going further to Malaysia. Decision has been made, next paradise stop- Koh Lanta :)



super foty!!! :) uważajcie na siebie :)
he he rybi pedicure? a chińskie przysłowie mówi, że jak sie szuka nieba w wodzie to sie znajduje ryby na drzewie :)
@ Malin pa Beefan :) :) Vad skoj att du hittade hit :) Sa lappen lonade sig :) :) HAHA ! Halsa alla sa gott i stammis hornan vid nasta MUMS ! Satt pa bloggen pa monitorn dar uppe - kommer sakert in ett par roliga kommentarer efter ett par stammis ol :) :) :) Ha det gott allihopa!
Malin Beefan stammis Olsson
Hej Jessica! Hittade lappen med er bloggadress i min plånbok härom dagen! Underbart att läsa och ser hur ni har haft det hittills! Vi (jag, Peter, Mia & Janne) har nyss kommit hem från Svalbard där vi haft världens bästa äventyr tillsammans med Erika & Hanna:) Fortsätt att ha det underbart och var rädda om er! Kramalin
Piękne krajobrazy , piękny turkusowy kolor morza , piękne dziewczyny , (i panowie bardzo mili) , piękny zachód słońca , nie trzeba nawet myć nóg bo rybki oczyszczą , honda - no prawie
As always, love the pictures! Take care guys and enjoy. We are freezing our asses of at the moment hahahahhahaha Lots of LOOOVEE!
@Shalab: we miss U too man, join us in Malaysia!
oh ja saknar thailand!! Sissi, ta o borja ata!! Ha det riktigt skoj! KRAM!!
Zazdroszczę Wam tego ciepełka.My skrobiemy szyby.Całusy.
Lovely -------Miss u guys Cheers !!
Eliza- musimy razem zrobic jakas impreze ;) walcze z ladowaniem zdjec, ale ciezko idzie...
dzis moglam otworzyc zdjecia i WIADERKO bardzo mi sie spodobalo,super idea na przyjecia jak masz malo miejsca na stole,albo nie chce sie zmywac :) wiadro+rurki= impreza gotowa :) :) :)
Witajcie kochani-czekalam z niecierpliwoscia na nowy wpis i bardzo sie ciesze,ze tak milo i relaksowo spedzacie czas. Pozdrawiam serdecznie cala trojke

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