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United States » Las Vegas, baby!

2012-04-02 ( Monday ) 01:06:12 GMT+1

We've had a trekking lesson in Nepal, a cooking class in Thailand, a surf lesson in Australia... and it was now time to get a Black Jack lesson in Las Vegas!!! :)

Yupp, the lesson done, the money lost - everything is fine! :) But what we also discovered and learned was the game Craps, which we have not seen in the European casinos .. a very social and fun game!

Except for the fancy casinos and flashy hotels, they have the best buffets EVER!!!! After the first two night in a motel off the main street, we used a site on internet that finds the cheapest deals (kayak - thank you Karolina :) ), and we moved around from one hotel to the other, from cheapest option to even cheapest HAHA! So it is possible to live a cheap fancy life here in Vegas :) As long as you stay away from the Casinos :) :) Cause thats where they want you to be! :)

It is all about the bling bling, the cash floating ONE way... from the tourists to the casinos... and sometimes the other way... and believe us, you can hear it from the desert outside Vegas! It all about gambling, drinking and having fun! We tried it for a short while, and we are ready for some nature again! Hoover Dam and Grand Canyon - here we come!!



Ojala! ;)
HAHA... na razie to Jedrek gra z aspiryna i herbata... a ja sobie czytam o regulach Craps'a :) Jak bedzie sie lepiej czul to moze nam sie uda wygrac na bilet dla Ciebie, Madzik!
Grać grać i mnie ściągać ;P
HAHAHA, noo :) Wlasne wrocilismy jeszcze do Las Vegas na dwa dni :) :) HHAHAHA, ale trzymamy za portfel :)
Fajnie ,ze zwiedziliscie Las Vegas i jeszcze lepiej ,ze juz wyjachaliscie-bo to najbezpieczniej chyba spadac z tamtad po kilku dniach :) bo latwo tam kase zostawic :) no i Grand Canyon przed wami- BAJKA buziaki........

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