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Australia » Australian Open

2012-01-27 ( Friday ) 03:42:19 GMT+1

Another break was an afternon at the Australian Open! It was nice to see how it looks like in real life. Something that a lot of us is following on TV back in Europe! A lot of people, and a lot of tenis play. We walked from one match to another and we were keeping our fingers crossed for different players! Our tickets didn't include the biggest arenas (we are still backapackers ; )), but we managed to have a look after that Roddick gave up and the match finished. A wonderful atmosphere and a beautiful afternoon.
The girls enjoyed their time among grapes and good wines while the boys were fishing. Picks from our little trip will come as soon as we will have Internet access again! We are all fine, but we have no reception on our phones and no Internet. Campaign in Tasmania is beautiful so far! Hopefully next city will have Internet cafe!! ; ) See you soon here on the blog!



F1 forra gangen....denna gangen australian opens...not bad!
Måste vara kul att uppleva atmosfären där :)

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