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Thailand » Koh Lipe (updated with more pics)

2011-10-26 ( Wednesday ) 03:16:37 GMT+1

You know these days when you have completely nothing planned and your main concern is whether to have a swim, or read a book for while and then take a swim? Maybe we should go and eat, and then shower or should we just grab some fruits now and have a delicious dinner later? Should I put sunscreen 50 or 30 on today?
Yupp… we are playing with you guys.. nevertheless, that is actually what we have done the last couple of days… NOTHING! And, we have chilled and relaxed on the most beautiful place one can imagine… You know when you write Koh Lipe or any place like this in google (images), and while scrolling through the pictures you are thinking “that is sooo photoshop”… We can assure you that places like this actually exist! And Koh Lipe is definitely one of them… The water is crystal clear, the sand is white, and the beer is cold!

Let’s put it this way: OH YEAH! ; )

We decided to stay one night longer than we planned in the first place, since we just feel that we do not want to leave this paradise : ) It was a good decision! We managed to find a cheap bungalow in Lipe Beach Resort. We got a nice discount because it is still not high season here, and we chose a hut not 5 m from the water, but 15 : ) : ) That is something we can live with! This bamboo hut is awesome, with a mattress on the floor and a mosquito net above it – that’s it when it comes to furniture : ) The bathroom is even better – it is hard to describe whether it is inside or outside… cause it has a roof only in the middle and when you are sitting on the toilet or having a shower, you are in the sun – now that is what we call sunbathing! Using EVERY moment of you vacation! : ) Also, we have a garden on the floor, where you have to step on big stones to get to the mirror or wash your hands – we love it! What is more, the frogs love it as well! : )

Our last day here in Thailand, we decided to go crazy when it comes to the food. We love the Thai food to such an extent that we started the day by skipping the “continental breakfast” options in the menu, and ordering proper Thai meals. The owner asked us “tempura and curry for breakfast, are you sure?” – yes, indeed, sir – we answered with hungry, big smiles on our faces. The food was just… mmmmm!

For those of you, who didn’t open google : ) , enjoy some of our pictures below!
We are heading towards an island, called Langkawi, in Malaysia tomorrow morning – by ferry (we got spoiled by the life of islands and are now avoiding the mainland as good as we can ! : ) )



Radek Z.
If I were you guys, I would stay there forever :)
Pola :)
Madzia ja bym tam została na kolejny miesiąc :)
Cudownie! Czy mogę prosić zdjęcie z niebiańską plażą na maila w lepszej rozdzielczości?
Petra - I miss you tooooo !! :)
petra lövgren
I miss u!!!!
Chcialam sie dopisac do Arka-ale powiem co on chyba mysli- bo ja ZAZDROSZCZE :) ale ciesze sie tez za tak Wam dobrze-korzystajcie z zycia :)
Najlepsze zdjęcia, pyszna zabawa, uśmiechnięte twarze, słońce, super woda, piękna plaża...nienawidze WAS!!!! :)
Piękne miejsce na błogie lenistwo.Woda marzenie.Cicho i spokojnie.Ale frajda :)))) Ucałowania.
Holy Moly !!!!! nie no, to już jest przesada ;)))) pakuję się w tym właśnie momencie! Jędrek nie za dobrze Ci? co to za księżniczka?

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