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Argentina » Mendoza

2012-05-16 ( Wednesday ) 17:39:04 GMT+1

It was hard to say goodbye to Buenos Aires, but once on the bus, we slept like babies the whole night whilst the bus was taking us to Mendoza. We checked in to a hostel in the morning, and went on a trip the same day – there was no time to lose : ) Since Mendoza is famous due to their wines (the 8th capitol of wines in the world), we started off with wine tasting.

We also went to an olive factory, where we could see how olive oil is produced – very interesting and cool ! : ) Did you know that the green and the black olive is the same olive but in different stages? Or did you know that big olives are used only for eating, and small olives are the ones used to make good olive oil? : )

What was really cool on the wine yards, was the colors… We have seen wineries in summer time in Australia, in winter time in California, and in autumn here in Argentina… beautiful!!

The next day, we did one of the best trips we have done so far, namely horseback riding!

From learning how to get on a horse, to competing in gallop(!!), in two hours! The Andes mountains on one side, wineries on the other, and the setting sun in the horizon… amazing!

After the first hour where we got to know the horses on a little track, we went off the track into the field – really cool! We had the opportunity to go for one part, only the two of us, in the middle of the field, and compete again each other! All four of us enjoyed it – the horses, Miguel and Mora, and us, the exited gringos!

After the amazing trip, we went back to the rancho, where they prepared supper for us… 15kg of Argentinean meet!!! It was the best meet we have EVER had!

Argentina is the source of meet for a reason, we now know why : )

We had some good wine next to the fire, with guitar playing and singing. And afternoon trip turned into a nice country party! Awesome!! We were now ready to say goodbye to Argentina.

Our last day in Mendoza, we walked around the city, had a last pizza, and had a rest (once in a while we actually need it : ) ).

We decided to take our next bus during the DAY, for the first time. Why? Because we had to cross the Andes to get to Santiago, Chile.

It was a damn good decision, wait for the next post! : )



Oh yes... one of my favourite moments from the whole trip :)
I was sure you guys would love mendoza! I'm happy for you .. the ride with horses! ufffffff must have been incredible!
Amazing pictures!!
Piekne zdjecia,a te konie to bajka-tylko pozazdroscic.Pozdrawiam Was bardzo serdecznie
HEHE, dziekuje! Piekne pozegnanie bylo :) Bardzo udany wieczor!!! :)
Winnice jesienią wyglądają kolorowo i pięknie. Jessie - zdjęcie 68 super. Wieczór przy ognisku z gitarą i śpiewami to rzeczywiście miłe pożegnanie z Argentyną.

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