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Uruguay » Colonia del Sacramento

2012-05-13 ( Sunday ) 19:14:33 GMT+1

When we were in Buenos Aires , we used the opportunity to go to Uruguay for one day. It is only one hour by ferry, and therefore a very popular destination from Buenos Aires.

We hired bikes to see as much as possible and it was a great decision! We manage to see the whole city and the old town. Of course we only saw a small city and only for one day, so it’s not enough to really have an opinion about the country, but it surprised us quite a lot. Our stereotypes expected it to be much poorer and different. But it was a big mix of old, poor but also really luxury.

A beautiful day in a beautiful town!!



TATO! Pierwszy wpis!!! :) :) :) Masz racje, juz powoli wracam... po 7 latach wracam do domu...
wspaniale zdiecia czas wracac do domu tata
Urokliwe miasteczko.No i piękny zachód słońca z łódkami w tle.Buziaki.

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