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Australia » Tasmania part 2

2012-02-02 ( Thursday ) 03:03:26 GMT+1

Straight from Hobart we went to the Salmon Ponds, which is a "trout fish farm" and than to the first on the way national park- Mount Field National Park- where we did a forest walk/track to see some waterfalls and the famous tall trees. A hundred meters tall tree is actually quite impressive! We camped at the Lake Binnery, did some fishing (Andrew got a fishing rod as a b-day present from the Kinski family ;)) and had an open fire...
It would have been a wonderful night, if not the fact that we left some fish food (that we took from the Salmon Ponds) outside!!! We first noticed strange sounds in the forest and we were very fast with getting back into our small tent, and brushing our teeth in the morning instead was NOT a problem! :) It was a bit hard to fall asleep with animals around the tent. One of them making strange noises while eating next to our toes, to scare away the one next to our heads! : )

The next day we drove to the west coast, through Queens Town and Roseberry to the next camping spot - a lovely spot as well and a calmer night this time : ) The day after, we went to Cradle Mountain Lake St Clair National Park and did another walk. It took us about 2 hours to get around the lake on the top of the mountains. Tasmania surprised us again! Another beautiful place!!! : ) We had dinner in an other small town ( it is amazing how small the towns are here! ) and went to a free camping spot that our neighbour from the night before recommended - Penguin. Toilets, BBQs, and toilets, with a grass square with sea view --> perfect!!! : ) A little tap outside the toilets was enough to wash both our dishes and our hair (for those who didn't wash it in the lake earlier that day)!



Prawda ze fajne! Ktos nam je kupil przed wyjazdem,wiesz? :) :) Niestety nam juz zostala tylko jedna..... :( :( zlamaly sie.... ale napewno kupimy jeszcze jak gdzies znajdziemy! buzka
o jakie ladne kolorowa sztucce macie :)
znowu zazdroszcze :)

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