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Australia » Tasmania - part 3

2012-02-02 ( Thursday ) 03:45:58 GMT+1

We then went to Lanceston, the second 'big' town on Tasmania. On the way, we stopped at a chocolate factory, a cheese factory, and a raspberry farm! Mmmm...!!

In Lanceston, we did some walking again, at the Gorge Reserve, which was a nice track in the middle of the city but yet so close to the nature! We discovered a lake and decided to have a swim, eventhough we weren't prepared...well, shorts and a bra or boxers worked out as fine as bikinis! : ) With the wet shorts on our backpacks we went back via the zig zack track (and had some memories from Nepal! ). We had dinner in the city park. We are probably repeating ourselves, but we have to say that the electric BBQ they have here in Australia are THE best! Cheap, good, AND healthy!

It was getting late, so we decided to stop in Scottdale, another free camp spot with toilets and showers! It saved our day (and our buts : ) ). The next day, we reached the east coast and the Gardens! Beautiful place, next to the seaside this time! We had a sea view from our pillows again!!

We planned to tent in Coles Bay the next night, where Stan and Margaret were staying, together with some friends. But the weather was so bad in the evening that we decided to sleep in the car. We were lucky to have a choice of 3 cars : ) The weather was actually so bad that two sailing boats where pushed out by the waves ON the beach... But a dry car and a couple of drinks helped us to survive the night! : )

The last day, we went to Port Arther Historic Site, where we saw the jails and prisons that were used back in the days and had a tour between the museums and ports. And interesting last day! Since we had a very early flight, we decided to sleep in car the last night, on the airport. A supper and some wine in our "oldie" was a nice ending of our story on Tasmania!

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Hi Sherry ! Of course we remember! Yes, everything is good! We are now on the east coast! Did you see the post from Rottnest? You are in there girl! Hope everything is fine with you as well? :)
Hi!!! This Sherry! Hope u still remember me!! Sorry for applying late. Good trip? Just wanna know if u both are all good~ Miss u! :)
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